10 awesome tricks that you are unaware of Google, see what

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We all use Google to search for what we need to search, obviously. And it turns out to be the most busiest search engine. Resulting a search giant.

But we all use Google to search for relevant information multiple times a day. But do we know everything about Google eh..? Obviously, no. I mean who can discover all the information that is out there. Its like you are counting the number of fish in an ocean. No one can know everything that's on Google.

But yeah, you can keep yourself updated by reading news, blogs and watching videos. With that said, you might be still unaware of most of the pretty much awesome things about Google. You know the deal right, you have to read to know what..

1 The retro form of google.

Google "google in 1998" to see how it was looking when it was first published.

2 Google is hungry.

Blah. You don't have to feed Google because its hungry. If you search "zerg rush" and hit I'm feeling lucky, you'd be amazed. You can see small bobs in read and yellow color pops put of the sky(top) and start eating all your search results. But don't worry, they'll appear once again when you clear out the game.

3 Google sphere

Search "google sphere" and hit i'm feeling lucky button. You'll come up with a page where you can see Google like a sun, and all other elements are revolving around it. That is hallucinating though.

4 Make google fall

Type "google gravity" and hit I'm feeling lucky. You will see that Google is falling in front of you. You are such a great being that you are making Google fall in front of your eyes. You can play with those elements of google by dragging with a mouse. You can make google dance as you like. I loved playing it for a while.

5 Brick breaker

Did you know that you can play a brick game that you used to play on Blackberry qwerty keypad phone..? Well, yes. You can.

Type in "atari breakout" and hit i'm feeling luck, you can play this brick breaker game in your search results only.

6 the coin game

No coin to toss..? Use your phone to toss. Nah. Don't toss your phone though. Type "flip a coin" and hit i'm feeling lucky. A coin pops up in, you can toss or even steal that coin(you can't, google's not gonna give that coin).

7 Play pacman, snake and many other games

Did you know that you can play games on google without visiting an online gaming website nor downloading the game..? Well, yeah. You can play it.

Search "play pacman", " play snake", play tic-tac-toe" or any other you want to. And start playing it without downloading it. Enjoy the game.

8 You are fooling google

Damn. You can't fool google. We all know that right..? But you can. Search "recursion" and you can see that you are making google show that "did you mean: recursion". In that case you are actually making google to show the same term again. That is marvellous. You are a genius now.

9 Barrel roll.

Search " do a barrel roll". The results will flip a 360° on your browser. You can play with it, its quite dashy.

10 Playing animal sounds.

If you wanna listen to different animal sounds on a single search, then google "animal sounds" and hit search. You can view pics of different animals. Just tap on the image of which you wanna hear.

If you are a parent and have small kids, then you must try this one. Its pretty much awesome for kids.

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Did I miss something which is your favourite..? Then let me know in the comments section.
I'm listening. Your pal, Naiyar Munir.