🏆 #GooglyPrize 👀 This Week's Winners - Issue No. 65 👀

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GooglyPrize GooglyEyes TitleImage Vol65

A Sunday Afternoon Delight,

served with the most excellent of #GooglyEyes.

Since HF20 dropped, canceled delegations have a cooldown of 5 instead of 7 days. So, since Issue 61 all the previous week's winners' delegations remain active for 2 additional days after the newest winners have been selected.

It was really just a question of time until I'd screw up with this additional complication. I missed cancelling the old delegations in time and now we find ourselves a day late with picking the newest winners today. Oh well, all the previous winners got to enjoy their delegations a day longer, so let's look at the bright side of things with that ;)

And that means, last week's winners get to keep their delegations until 3pm Tuesday afternoon (UTC), at least unless I mess up again, then they'll keep it a little while longer... I should really start setting up something automated for this?!

But you didn't care about all that, or did you?

Let's get on with it and celebrate:

The Prize Pool:

carried over from last week
4.466 SBD and 4.784 STEEM in liquid funds
and an available delegation of 243.978 SP
all liquid SBD have been converted into 5.718 STEEM


100% of all rewards on last week's winner announcement:
11.540 SBD and 14.428 SP


that's 11.540 SBD and 10.502 STEEM in the cash-pool:

60% will be given out today, 40% will be carried over into next week!
1st - 30%; 2nd - 20%; 3rd - 10%;


258.406 SP will be delegated to the winners!

Need more details and numbers about the Prize-Pool? There's a whole spreadheet for you!

As always, friends and family on the Planet Googly discord selected their favourite #GooglyEyes posts of the week to pick the newest winners for today.

qualifying posts were submitted by:
@bucipuci, @julieabbi2, @bashadow, @sparkesy43,
@brittandjosie, @elfenlicht and @marblely
today's guest judges were:
@bucipuci, @davor27, @dexterdev, @hazel420
@hopehuggs, @krystle, @okkiedot and @sparkesy43
disclaimer: guest judges were not allowed to vote for their own entries!


drumroll please...


🥉 Today's 3rd winner is: 🥉

@elfenlicht with
"next try :)"

next try :) by @elfenlicht

Heh, good you tried again @elfenlicht :D Three guest judges loved meeting this radiant googly eyed melting friend of yours and that gets you a 3rd prize this week! Congratulations!



🥈 The 2nd winner is: 🥈

@sparkesy43 with
"Benny the Bench"

Benny the Bench by @sparkesy43

Excellent #eyebombing in this urban encounter by @sparkesy43. Those Lego eyes have a nice look to them I really have to say that. And 4 guest judges agree with me, that's a solid 2nd rank for Benny. Kudos.



🥇 And Our Grand Winner is: 🥇

@marblely with

YeeHah!by @marblely

Last, but surely not least, au-contraire, our Grand Winner is this charming fellow with his perfectly smooth, suede body and strong lips of strings, proudly presented by @marblely! Five guest judges helped you land the top spot, let's say it again: YEE-HAH!




another drumroll, please

🥁 this week's Googly-Delegation-Winners are: 🥁

@marblely, @sparkesy43, and @elfenlicht

you'll receive a delegationf of 129.203, 77.521 and 51.681SP for 9 days.

None of our winners is obscenely rich or self-voting in excessive manner, so all of them qualify for their share of this week's delegation pool. We're doing the usual 50/30/20 split today.


The #GooglyPrize continues!

prizes are being awarded every 7-8 days

No-Conditions Policy:

No mandatory resteems, upvotes or follows are required!

- get some #GooglyEyes -
- stick them onto something -
- take some pictures -
- make a post with the tag #googlyeyes -

- post original content and don't spam -
- this is a creative contest and not a lottery -
- show us something special and post with passion -

More Winners Every Week!

The prize-pool for the next issue already contains:
liquid funds of 4.200 STEEM and 4.616 SBD
and delegations of 252.998 SP
100% of all rewards on THIS POST!

Want to learn more about this contest? Read:
A brief History, some Updates and a few Tips for Winning

Have more questions or just want to hang out? Join:
Planet Googly on Discord

bonus image:

GooglyPrize GooglyEyes bonus image 65
more than just a pipe-dream
the original image is also all out of focus, I hope you won't notice in the low-res version here ;)

My special appreciation goes to our googly patrons:
@krystle, @ausbitbank, @reggaemuffin and @drakos!
They are bootsrapping this contest with their ongoing support!

@ausbitbank, @reggaemuffin & @drakos are also running as witnesses,
show them some love by giving them your approval!

More shoutouts go to @pharesim, @perepilichnyy, @blockbrothers, @abigail-dantes, @contestkings, @ew-and-patterns, @kamikaze, @okkiedot, @thecryptodrive, @kaerpediem, @lighteye, @dosdudes, @flugschwein, @insaneworks, @o07, @ddschteinn, @marty-art, @jasonbu, @mistakili, @yehey, @literaturkritik, @steemseph, @zneeke, @bashadow, @steemchoose, @erniegreenhill, @bucipuci, @legato, @shasta, @marblely, @niko3d, @apsu, @robofox, @improv, @montiamore, @bubbleburst, @julieabbi2, @sparkesy43, @glitterbooster, @passion-fruit, @fortune-master, @xplosive, @hazel420, @wstanley226, @hadley4, @lukasmining, @eforucom, @thomasgift, @upgoat, @soundworks, @ikarus56, @elfenlicht, @mademarin, @ori.bvcbooks, @gladiuspa, @linkerstinker, @resheep, @funlands, @precisesound, @eccles, @jazmin112000, @arsadulislam, @upcroak, @nurah, @badham, @kingnosa, @dodrorth, @thefunfactory, @funanime, @funbox, @dmonia, @funnyfun, @goldrym, @someonefun, @qeoddrir, @funkyfun, @themuffinman, @iedot, @zedpal, @jesusj1, @changeangels, @pastinaca, @anthive and @gogalomidze for upvoting last week's post and thereby funding this award!!

everything is better with #GooglyEyes

Your upvote on this post is funding next week's prize!

100% of all rewards are going into the prize-pool!


(YeeHah speaking) YeeeeeeHAAAAAAHHHH!!! OMG!!! I am so so so so so so so happy!!! I would like to thank @googlyeyes and all the judges who chose me and all the sponsors!!! I am so honored and humbled!! And congrats @sparkesy43 and @elfenlicht!!
happy yeehah.JPG

YeeHah doing the happy YeeHah dance (@marblely helped to type and upload picture)

Congratulations @marbley ... woot woot

Yay! Thank you, thank you!

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A huge thanks to the guest judges that voted for Benny. Congratulations to @marblely & @elfenlicht also!!

Congratulations to the winners. Hat really amused ;-)
GOOGLYEYES is all cheerful :-D

Oh wow, thank you thats amazing for me!!

Our melting friend it´s realy happy to won this prize!!


Thanks, @googlyeyes, but it looks like you rewarded me by mistake this time :)

haha... yeah sorry, I didn't replace the last week's delegation winners names in the post initially, but that's been fixed immediately. No worries, the new delegations went out to the proper winners today ;)

Your delegation from winning last week remains active until Tuesday afternoon still. Thanks for notifying me of the mistake in the post above!

You are welcome @googlyeyes, I wouldn’t like to have someone else’s reward just as much as I wouldn’t like that someone else gets mine :)

Thanks for the mention ;)