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A new sheriff in town Nancy Pelosi, Elected speaker 220-192, took the gavel saying U.S. voters “demanded a new dawn” in the November election that swept the Democrats to a House majority and are looking to “the beauty of our Constitution” to provide checks and balances on power. She faced 15 dissenting votes from fellow Democrats C9FB633C-20AB-46B2-85A0-840E0D0BDD1B.jpeg 97A05EB0-E7DD-4A38-9253-7C0F68FCA547.jpeg 258ABEF5-7CD7-4F56-976B-1DBCDE2F0DE3.jpeg 594B39B2-A297-483D-B059-81804790DE9B.jpeg. 66F54342-C4DC-41A7-A312-F04800393542.jpeg 15A18189-92B5-4F92-8518-A73D5212A5E8.jpeg 12285F9C-4715-4D40-9BBD-6BA521DF6D1F.jpeg CD813530-F34C-404D-9444-67532A2CD425.jpeg43C89367-B695-42D9-994D-E3EAB1E548A3.jpeg![212B44EC-EECE-4584-B512-DB85E85ED2AE.jpeg]. ()F1C50588-E3E7-464E-B2D8-9E019D5CFD96.jpeg DFCEE7A6-910A-4CBC-BF6B-D689472E8021.jpeg DD194CE2-FBEA-4384-9EE6-CEFC897C2917.jpeg 7649A443-5A4E-43E0-9485-B9776B556F8A.gif. Mannyfig1956


She's held the position before. She has become close to a billionaire by being in congress for so long. They can do insider trading type things that the rest of us cannot. They know which laws they pass or things that happen will lead to changes in valuation of investments before it happens so they can get very wealthy. Of course she and others want to protect the status quo. It has made them extremely wealthy.

They don't want anyone messing with that. There are some good Democrats, but sadly most of them don't stick around. The 30+ years in congress Democrats and the 30+ years in congress Republicans are all crooks.

We need term limits for such positions. When people talk about ESTABLISHMENT I don't think a president with at most 8 years in office holds a candle to these congressmen and women who have been in office for more than three decades. They fit the definition of establishment better.

I also cannot get excited about Democrats as they haven't really been doing anything for 2 years except attacking and obstructing Trump. They don't seem to have an actual plan or any intentions of doing their actual job other than stopping Trump. That includes them voting against things they themselves were previously for if it might make Trump look good if it happened.

Hypocrites, and con men, and thieves.

There are plenty of them in the Republican party too...

Bring on the term limits...

My personal opinion is that the Republican has control of Congress and the Senate with the presidency. Donald Trump is a racist. He talks about and treats people differently based on their race. He has done it for years, and he is still doing so.He had a history of making racist comments as a New York real-estate developer in the 1970s and ‘80s I thought we outgrew racism . Please explain to me how Donald Trump became president. A person who has no respect for the American public I believe he is not guiding us in the right direction. So many and our allies are laughing at us because we have a president who wants to be a dictator. When will the republic turn on President Trump he has 17 investigations going on , that’s out rages. He acts like a child when he doesn’t get what he want. there’s so much negativity in this Republican Party. Tell me what’s going to happen in the next 2 years will he be impeached?


Tell me what’s going to happen in the next 2 years will he be impeached?

No clue.

I can tell you they haven't found anything that is an impeachable offense yet. Even with spending vast amounts of money and non-stop witch hunts.

Being impeached requires very specific things.

My personal opinion is that the Republican has control of Congress and the Senate with the presidency.

Really it's kind of a stale mate. As long as the only TASK the Democrats thinks matter is stopping Trump then Congress likely won't actually do much.

I think likely most of what we will see will either be done by Executive Order, or simply start using some of the insane powers that past administrations created.

It is definitely a mess.

Though I will say most of what you are reacting to is pure propaganda.

Try to find some actual evidence. Someone saying it is true is not evidence.

Then if you find something see if you can find the original speech or source. So often I've found that they'll say something, provide a quote, and that quote by itself is indeed potentially interpreted the way they push. That is because they have omitted all context. Context matters. If you can find a quote, I recommend finding the speech (transcript) it came from. In all cases I have researched it was intentionally edited out of context and if it was heard with the rest of the speech it didn't come close to being what they tried to spin it as.

Is Trump perfect? Hell no. He's arrogant an an ass. Yet so was Obama, he was just a far better speaker and you didn't want to say anything about him because then you'd be called "racist" even if the reason you said something had nothing to do with race. It is also convenient to forget that Obama was actually 50% Black and 50% White. :)

Considering the unprecedented non-stop attack Trump has been under I am impressed. I didn't vote for him. I sure as hell wasn't going to vote for Hillary, while I liked her in the past, once I seriously researched her I concluded she may be one of the most corrupt politicians we've ever had. I'd be happy to have a woman president, but that to me is a tie breaker, it is not a qualification. I'd vote for a random woman off the street before I voted for Hillary. So I didn't vote for either of them.

I would vote for Trump now.

That is largely due to the attacks against him, and watching how he has dealt with it, and seeing the attacks, researching them, and seeing the almost constant lies and fabrication.

I voted 50% Democrat and 50% Republican in 2016. In 2018 I didn't vote for a single Democrat. I still researched them because I know there are still some good ones. We have former Congresswoman here on steem who was a great person. She speaks of the corruption there. She was either an Independent or Democrat. I'd have to go double check.

A person threatening me, censoring me, calling me racist because I support someone, etc. These are not ways to convince me to shift my support. They do the opposite.