Who judges justice without government?

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Quite unique idea to implement an insurance policy to those who have been victimized by a crime. With a sophisticated security technology we right now it is possible to have a trustless society without government if we're insured by an insurance company we no longer worry about locking a door, locking our windows, in that case we no longer fear criminals since insurance company will pay off that item stolen. But I hope insurance company isn't expensive to pay. Thanks for sharing this post sir @adamkokesh , everyday i learned about your ideas. :)

Law Professor David Friedman, Milton and Rose's son has some amazing lectures about law without the state and poly centric law. This one is very good, hope the spring is going well for you and you are getting ready for the book bomb, sounds pretty cool!!


I am support freedom and appreciate you , good luck my dear friend @adamkokesh 👍😃

Sometimes human character and actions put us in this position that we are. If we put our morals right, Centralized government will be history. If lives are safe and free of crimes and insured, they will be no need for the government or security. @Adamskokesh, the man will the right ideas

Congrats to you for following your dreams no matter what! This platform is indeed a fantastic instrument to help you achieve your financial independence and other goals. Glad that you see Steem for what it is.

Government is very important for the security of citizens. Governments that must provide security and security guarantees. Although there are private parties providing insurance but it is not safe. Insurers are only able to protect property, but not able to protect life and security. The government is relatively more able to protect the souls of its citizens. Insurance is also important but it is more important that the government provides security guarantees.

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I wonder what you mean by "free America from the general government" .. what will happen to America without a government? Most people already have a short fuse

Without our courts, there is no justice, there is no freedom. As John Adams declared over 200 years ago, if we are to have a “government of laws and not men,” we need our courts and judges to forever ensure that our legal rights are protected. And, we know from history, that no person is above the law,

you always talk about the government, honestly I really hate the government, the question arises.

for what the government? if not give fair justice, the government is just evil demons that censor the poor by the government authorities

I love the idea of making the victim whole to find justice, that is all that really matters. I also like that you are offering specifics for alternative solutions to the problems currently in our justice system, instead of just pointing out that the way its being done is wrong.

Who decides when and how a person should be made whole again is a tricky question to answer indeed, but the resolution organizations handling that is not a bad idea either. You have my support on this, f**k the drug war!

I invite you to also check out Unitive Justice. This can serve to not only help restore wholeness to the victim, but also the perpetrator and all those affected by the conflict by implementing reflective listening to discover the underlying brokeness and find mutually beneficial actions.

This is something I am very passionate about. I took a training with Sylvia Clute on Unitive Justice that is a very promising model. It uses Restorative Justice/ Unity Circles to discover the underlying brokenness of an issue using reflective listening to reach mutually beneficial actions that are agreed upon by all participators. I invite you all to check out more about it. www.unitivejustice.com

What she meant when she said don't expect much in the way of compensation was that this guy is a loser, he's going to jail and when he gets out you will have to spend your time chasing him down trying to get the judgement fulfilled....she didn't mean you get to pay twice by jailing and feeding him. Why would you be taking him to court if you claim your insurance company compensated you?...it would be their job to seek their money back not yours. Your job is done after you file the police report to get your claim paid.

It would not be effective to say to someone who has a judgement against them that we will not do business with you...if they don't own a business what would they care? If you mean you track them around until they pay you...well if they don't have a job what have you achieved? If they do have a job why would you harass them when you could just hit their employer with garnishment papers and start getting your money back.

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@adamkokesh each time i read about your articles and post on #freedom, i begin to tell my self that you are the type we really need in this world to pilot the affairs of a country.


We must all come together to fight injustice and push for a common goal to "FREEDOM" because an injury to one is an injury to all to all.

May you continue to fight for freedom with wisdom knowledge and understanding. I wish you success as i will continue to support you in ma own little upvotes.

Many cheers!!

i dont get it are you planning to run for president?

Not everyone thinks freedom is for them. Wave of postmodernist neo-Marxists is on the rise :(


In the event that we would really get along and put our disparities behind us, there would be no requirement for unified control. Its our carnal nature that bonds our requirement for intercession.

its a bravo task.thanks for your writing.

This is not an easy task.

Don't know what this is about, but I'd say up freedom! To whoever is held captive

Who judges justice without government?

according to me personally, justice will be judged by DEMOCRATIC people (from people to people), people's democracy

That's a good question. That is one of the role of the government but it seems they're no so serious doing it.

only when people begin to understand their actions and take responsibility for them ,can we really be free.

only when people begin to understand their actions and take responsibility for them can we really be free.

Freedom is very well appreciated but we all should be bounded by jurisdiction and law. and should value the honorable judge

If we would actually get along and put our differences behind us, there would be no need for centralized control. Its our animalistic nature that cements our need for intervention. Sadly, the only real place that you can find freedom, is under f in the dictionary.

People will do you the things that you deserve if you attack other human beings on an anarcho capitalist society, nobody would steal, rape or murder if they knew they would pay it with their lives as people would defend themselves with guns! We wouldn't have the constitutional fake democracies we have now where human rights don't defend common citizen/slaves and instead they come out defending violent thugs and criminals! Politicians are a pest that must be eradicated with education, not violence! @adamkokesh nice video comrade, PEACE! :D

If man fails to reconcile justice and freedom, he fails in everything.

The people should not fear their rulers, it is the rulers who should fear the people. Justice is the habit of giving each one his own.
There is no need for a perfect government; you need one that is practical.

Well, my notion of justice is this: men are not the same.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

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