The Government does not care.

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I was reviewing some exchanges today, and the thought struck me that the “Great Reset” goes one way and the “Great Fall Apart” goes the other way.

Technology programs us into ever tighter lockstep loops along increasingly convergent vectors of data acquisition and quantification. The goal is to make us less like ourselves, and more like everyone else. It does this by using the language of personal empowerment. Therein lies the great fallacy of transhumanism and artificial intelligence - that by following its dictates, we will become greater than human instead of less than human.

Those who occupy positions higher up the economic and social pyramid must I’m sure look down on us and think... “What a bunch of stupid animals.”

They know they are not subject to the same rules as the rest of us - and they must cackle hysterically at the ludicrous media and political spectacle that we are coerced into taking SO seriously. They must be especially amused by those millions of us who must labor 8-10 hours a day, while being forced to wear a face diaper, lest they find their employment terminated.

Yeah, that’s a little bit of hell on earth right there.

Life is fatal. We live until we die. People get sick all the time from all kinds of things and people die all the time from all kinds of causes. And yet somehow, we’ve always been more or less OK with that… And then suddenly there was an agenda, complete with a new set of bio-metric security technologies that used particularly forceful forms of propaganda, to program us into states of constant fear. This was the Covid virus, which caused people to mistake one thing for another and leave them infected with a gaping spiritual disease.

I don’t care what you believe about any of this… but let’s be clear about a few things... #1) Covid has NOT been isolated. Unlike other diseases, no one can point to it and say “There, you see it; that’s the Covid virus... and #2) the PCR tests are useless for determining the presence of any virus. The inventor of the test, Kary Mullis made that very clear.

So really, the whole thing boils down to whether or not you will do whatever the fuck you’re told to do?

So, tell me... what kind of fucking life is that?

I’ll tell you what kind of life it is. It’s a falling apart life.. It’s a life stripped of spirit... life with too little soul... life starved for courage... a life where people are afraid of people - even people they love. It’s life with insufficient energy... life with crap for vision... life absent connection, passion and lust... life built on too much fear, not enough joy... and way too much obedience. That’s what kind of fucking life it is.

And then there’s THIS!

After all these many months, the great mountain of used masks has laid toxic waste to both our bodies and our environment. There is no recycling these bloody things. They are strewn about - dead toxic waste in the soft Pampers equivalent of discarded drug needles.

As I see it, there’s only ONE DOOR out of this zoo cage, folks... and it’s the one with “NO” painted in blood on it!

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