The evil stupidity of government "authority"

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Politics makes people stupid. Government "jobs" that come with any "authority" will make them evil.

An early event that drove this home to me was when I was attending a mountainman rendezvous in the Rocky Mountains years ago. It had been a dry year, so the forest was under a burn ban. No fires for cooking, warmth, blacksmithing, or anything. 

Now, I understand the danger of fire in a tinder-dry forest. I understand that some people are irresponsible with fire (and everything else). I am not opposed to reminding people of dangers inherent in such situations, even though I don't support edicts and mandates.

But, a few days before the rendezvous began it started to rain. And rain and rain. Like it couldn't stop.

The Forest Circus goons invaded our camp, wading through standing water and mud in their uniforms, to remind us that the burn ban was still in effect.  Threatening "legal" action if anyone dared light a fire.

There was no way to start a forest fire under those conditions without a nuclear bomb. Only the best woodsman would have been able to make a campfire anyway. It was the first (and only) time I ever actually slept in standing water. Thank goodness for wool blankets!

A few days later the goons relented a little, allowing the blacksmith to light his forge for a certain number of hours per day, and allowing some cooking fires, but for me, it was too late. My wife-at-the-time demanded we leave.

A little bit of imaginary "authority" ruined rendezvous that year for me and for a lot of others; more than any amount of rain could have done. Political stupidity plus political "authority" equals government evil.


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Generally speaking, if you work for the state, I don't consider it much of a job. Sure you work for some sort of return (such as fiat dollars), yet where the money comes from isn't from a mutually beneficial deal where all parties agree... The money is stolen and these "employees" are nothing more than hired thugs, for the most part. Of course, I don't view a janitor as evil but I do tend to strongly dislike most politicians and the general police/jail system... especially when such a system doesn't work for the benefit of the people.

Its very harsh to prevent those goons who are ready to loot the woods from forest. But, political authority for government manipulation the whole system.