The Huge Spending Debt Of The US Government Is About To Come Due

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Wow who saw this coming?

The United States is about to owe more on the interest on its MASSIVE debt than it spends on Medicaid in 2020 or national defense in 2023!

Yup we're screwed. Our kids are screwed. Their kids are screwed.

We have to transition to a new system. Fiat is dead. The Federal Reserve is about to raise interest rates. Hyper inflation is right around the corner.

And we have been warning about this for decades.

If you think France is bad now wait till hyper inflation takes hold in the US and our economy collapses. Its gonna be bad.

Here is the story from

Read it and prepare.

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Carry On, HM


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Global financial reset is the only way out. This will happen some day but as long as the main drivers in the present finacial markets are able to kicking the can forward it may take some time. But in the end the system will collapse.

They have been manipulating gold/silver, our economy and now crypto for the last 150 I don't underestimate their ability to kick the can at all.