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After 21 years of school, I'm finally done!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't made a blog post in over 8 months... Let's just say I've been preoccupied with my dissertation for the last few months. For some administrative reasons, I had to write an additional ~65 pages of my dissertation in 3 days in order to meet the graduation deadline, so that I wouldn't have to postpone my graduation, which was... stressful. I pulled 2 all-nighters out of those 3 days, but I managed to get everything done in time. Then I spent my birthday racing to get ready for my final public defense, which I'm happy to say was a complete success! I'm now officially Dr. Trogdor, with a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.

How it feels walking out of school after 21 years!

If you happen to care about my research, my work is in the areas of applied math, scientific computing, and fluid dynamics. During my Ph.D. I basically studied different transport processes with applications to areas such as energy and the environment, as well as biology. Maybe if people are interested, I will go more in depth into my research in the future.

Getting (re)acquainted with Steemit

The research and educational opportunities I've had at Princeton have been amazing, but unfortunately I haven't been able to be an active part of the Steemit community lately. Now that I've finished up my program and am moving on to a full time research career, I'm going to do my best to get (re)acquainted with the community and all the different changes that have happened over the last few months. I'm glad to see that good content seems to be making its way to the top, and that niche areas are thriving (I love @gringalicious's food blog!).

Anyway, I think I'll start blogging about a whole bunch of different topics, whatever happens to strike my fancy. I'm one of those kinds of people with a million hobbies and interests: playing the violin, rubik's cubing, everything math, science and crypto, origami, weightlifting, marathon running, etc...

Finally done with school.... I'm so glad to be back, and looking forward to the future of Steemit!


I was unaware one needed a degree to burninate the countryside...

It's not needed, but it doesn't hurt!

Congratulations, @trogdor! it's a the great! I do my PhD now (and this is a lot of stress).

Thanks! What are you working on, if you don't mind my asking?

Thank you for your interest, @trogdor! About the collection of minerals of the eighteenth century (the Mineral cabinet of the Kunstkamera of Peter the Great - the first mineralogical collection in Russia). I reconstruct different cultural stories about the collection by the catalogues. I've finished my thesis by December 2016, and now I'm polishing, editing, waiting some important decisions of some important people etc
(and honestly, it drives me crazy by now, - but you know all about it))

Congratulations, and welcome back to the site. Can't imagine how much work that was to complete, but a jolly good 'well done' is in order here.

It would be interesting to hear more about your discipline, though once working, you might not want to write a whole lot MORE about it after the work day is done. Then again, passion about a subject is a fun thing to possess. Sounds like you actually have many passions. Even better. Well, Full Steem ahead.

Thanks! Always good to meet a fellow Steemer. I was checking out your page. Seems like you have a lot of interesting posts. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of them.

Congratz man!! Im in my second year of my biology undergraduate, I can only work hard & dream to accomplish what you have just done sir :)

Thanks! Any ideas on what you'll do after graduation?

Tough to say nowadays, hopefully I can get some experience with some small scale research projects. I'm thinking of getting into genetics so Ive looked into doing some interships in different countries doing different types of biology research with animals. How bout you, any plans now Dr.Trog?

I'm actually going to be starting as a staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Lab in July which I'm excited about but also nervous since it will be in a new research area. I'll be doing work along the lines of cardiovascular simulations of blood flow which I still need to learn everything about with some biology and health related applications hopefully.

Btw it's not everyday you meet a Phd in Mech Eng and Aerospace from princeton so I feel a formal introduction is due haha I myself am Ryan Almod-Rock, undergrad at Laurier, Waterloo nice to meet ya :)

I like the drawing of the dragon firing at the school. My dad says writing here is more important than alot of my school stuff. Thx for your picture and parragraph.


Congratulations on finishing school!

Congratulations. Wow. You must be exhausted.
Anyway, while you have been gone, a lot of us has joined Steemit for our fun and enjoyment.
Thank you for being in the start, and even more, for returning to your delight, I trust. Steemit.

Congrats Dr. Trogdor! Bright future ahead! :-) Are you planning to do post doc?

applied math, scientific computing, and fluid dynamics.

Just a wild guess, is it about Microfluidics ?

Good guess, it is related to microfluidics. :) I actually got very lucky and received a permanent staff scientist position at Oak Ridge National Lab in the computational sciences and engineering division. Hopefully I'm not in over my head. Haha

Haha that's really great! Hope u enjoy your break before officially starting a new phase of job!

Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment.

Congratulation @trogdor, welcome into Ph.D. category ;-)

Love it! Twenty-one years?! I started in med school and got sidelined by the burning desire to get out of the system. I'd have been a terrible doctor😁 Congrats on sticking it out Dr. Trogdor! Much respect.

Congratulation, Dr. Trogdor. I got my Ph.D. last year, it is indeed very challenging task to finish ! Looking forward to your posts on steemit. I am new on it yet

I did not see this awesome mention until just now and only because of the new app from @furion. Thanks so much @trogdor!