First ever grafts

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I've got myself a little grafting tool. These things used to be expensive but, luckily for me, not anymore. I'm pretty impressed by it so far. I've got 3 different blades for various style of cuts. I've only used the 'u' cut blade so far but there's a 'v' and an omega one as well.

I've started with a citrus, whose name I forgot, grafted on the kumquat. With the tool it's really easy to make the cuts.



My red currant had a white currant grafted onto it; and I've grafted them the opposite way as well.



I hope they'll take. If not... well, I guess I have the other type of cuts to try to later on.



Pretty slick! Where'd you manage to find that?

Amazon. They're all over ebay as well and slightly cheaper but im a sucker for amazon prime, heh.

Just got one myself. Found it in a garage sale

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Nice! I hope your grafts will take!

Around here this tool was very popular about 5 years ago. Costs about 20 EUR. Still can't beat knowing how to make a few grafts by hand with a knife. Originally this tool was developed for using in nurseries where there are millions of similar sized rootstock and scions. If you're renewing a whole tree, this tool is useless. If you're trying to graft a sleeping bud in the summer, no luck. So while it has it's uses and allows fast factory style grafts, it's hard to beat the diversity of grafts possible by hand and with experience.

BTW I cannot see from the photos, have you wrapped up the grafts?

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