Atmospheric Rivers Increase to increase 3x in Size as the Grand Solar Minimum Intensifies

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There seems to be a push in the news lately about this Geophysical Research letter global analysis of climate change projection effects on Atmospheric Rivers. I highlighted in the yellow there the percentage is based on the models that they think these arc storms or atmospheric compression events are going to increase over today’s rates. Looking down the chart you can see at the very minimum that they’re forecasting out 25 to 30 percent and even as high as 300 percent or three times more rain and more ferocity from these events pushing forward into 2030.

It’s almost unusual at the timing while this is making the news media rounds across the planet. They’re talking about massive super storms massive super floods beginning now.

Graphics showing you these ARK storms through California West Coast US. They’re pervasive across the entire planet and there is a ramp up in winds as well.

I want to take you through the last two weeks of events of “hemisphere rivers” increasing along with global wind patterns that are far above the norm. Starting in the southern hemisphere, the largest wave ever recorded, a massive 23.8 meter 78-foot-tall wave, near Campbell island south of New Zealand toward Antarctica. At the bottom of the slide there where I highlighted in blue, this new record which broke the old record that was set in Tasmania in 2012.

Looking at the massive flood beyond flood lists this is what’s coming off THE WATCHERS, Australia cold blast, record rainfall, massive floods in Germany which we will look at. Dams bursting in Kenya, that’s just too much water and it’s way above the norm to have dams breaking.

Afghanistan, looking at least 150,000 people displaced by these floods. British Columbia record flooding after snowpack, second dam breaks over in Kenya.

Yemen with the cyclone, Oman deserts are flooded.

Flash floods in Paris that went down into the “tube station, the underground, the subway”, and flooded those stations. Feet deep of hail in the middle of the city. Severe floods in Afghanistan, these are places that are generally drier in the desert areas. Oman, Yemen and Afghanistan not places you associated with massive flooding.

We have evacuations after a landslide in Lake to Houma North Carolina, another dam break. What is what these dam breaks going on? Catastrophic flooding, we saw this in Maryland. We have these absolutely earth-shattering, 14 inches of rain in 24 hours in Karnataka and India.

Let’s take a look at what the towns are looking like at the moment, record-breaking monsoon.

I want to take you down to Karnataka, anyway I traveled down there early 90s’.

I went to this place called Hampi.

Here we go, this is the ancient city that’s out part of it is along this river that is flooding at the moment, so you have to wonder what’s going to be happening with the ruins here.

I know a lot of it’s up on the hill, the entire area is millions and millions and millions of boulders. If you like bouldering this is your place because everywhere you’re climbing you’re finding sadhus inside the caves that are formed by boulders, and there are temples strewn everywhere you go. There’s something amazing to go look at, if you’re into that kind of traveling. In Hampi you can feed an elephant and orange that taps you on the head for good luck, this is the same place, but it’s going to be flooded because of the river as well.

(Below) Staying over in India, unusually intense thunderstorms, dust storms and lightning are ravaging in India. Hundreds and hundreds of people were killed by lightning strikes this week and even NASA Earth Observatory quotes it as “the intensity seems to be anomalous”, at about 40,000 lightning strikes in April.

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Now, staying on with unusual happenings from the sky this is Turkey, this is how deep the hail is on May 28th just a few days back. Severe weather a you really has a good run down inside Twitter of what’s going on with floods and unusual anomalies around Europe.

Also taking a look at Germany, this is the third year in a row it’s been flooding there with this kind of magnitude and intensity.

Countryside villages that’s one thing but when you’re looking at downtown in cities this is quite another, when it’s this level of flooding. You know they have incredible drainage systems its Germany after all, it’s precision engineering and when you get in this much water coming in flooding, something is not right.

Then we have an Italy, flooding as well now. Understand that’s right next to a mountain, so maybe something’s pooling up there and is it’s flowing down but unusual.

Let’s take a look over at Elliot City, this has been making the news across the United States, there’s a plethora of details on this already but this is the second year in a row what’s happened there and it’s even higher this year and the water is deeper.

I also want to bring you over to another anomalous events with winds in our sky, Toxic Salt storm engulfing parts of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. This dust is from the Aral Sea area and contains nitrogen fertilizers, that’s been gathering of the sea for dozens of years. That’s that sea that dried out where you see those boats in the middle of the desert, that’s the Aral Sea.

Here on the satellite map, you can see it’s to the far north up there where that huge dust cloud is coming off. Right above Turkmenistan you can see the border area they’re.

I’m going to zoom in for you, so you can see exactly what I’m talking about. This is the area and the air where they’re saying all this dust is blowing from, creating toxic salt / pesticide, herbicide and airborne particles burning your skin your eyes your lungs. Oh! what a great day to be out.

At the same time, another powerful dust storm day ripping through Iran, 112 km/h winds at 70 miles an hour. What’s that 74mph turns into category 1 hurricane.

Wide out on the map here for you going over Afghanistan. Putting all these pieces together, with the weakening magnetosphere, our jet streams are wandering and it’s going to continue.

In the media they are, covering up the Grand Solar Minimum again. Look out for the “Atmospheric River” changes, it’s because of CO2, but in all actuality it’s because of the intensifying Eddy Grand Solar Minimum that we have entered and now we’re going to have to deal with it.

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Absolutely great info, will be following!

Hi David, I didn't realise you was on steemit as well. I'm still following you like mad on YouTube ;) [teameggmotor].

btw, I've been trying my hand at growing veggies at my mums house (I'm posting about it on steemit) and a lot of my runner bean flowers and potato flowers are just dying and dropping off. Mums neighbour is having same problem as well as all his gardening friends. The general consensus has been the heat in the UK for the last 3 weeks. Is it heat and/or UV levels??? I've even asked @digitaldan (UK homesteader/grower) about my problem and he's having the same issues further North of my Leeds location. It's not just the commercial growers/farmers having crop failures, it's happening to us little guys to.

Keep up the good work David :)

All the best,
Robert Shaw
United Kingdom.

I had a chat with the boss at my allotments today, he has had a couple of plots for 60 years, he got his first when he was 14. He said it's never been this bad, this year was 6 weeks late to put stuff in (too wet) and we have had zero rain for maybe 10+ weeks after that. This is for Midlands, England.

I remember all too well the late start due to the long lasting wet ground. It's gonna be a tough few years for commercial and home-growers alike.

Stock up on beans & pasta while it's still relatively cheap :)