Food Prices are Connected to Sun Spot Count, Guess What’s Next?

There is a strong correlation to suggest that weakening solar activity decreases the electric charge of the ionosphere; which also decreases the electrical field in the atmosphere, within the earth and between the surface of the earth that leads to a cooling of the earth. Moreover, this electric field is acting as a binder, holding the constituents of the planets and solar system together. Currently this is getting loose which means, more volcanic eruptions and more seismic activity.

Spinning of planets, galaxies and stars are mainly electrical in nature and a drop in solar activity means a fractional drop in the rotational speed of the planet earth. This slowing down means a slip because the crust is thin, it has low density and it has weightless momentum, while the mantle and the core have higher density and are very massive. So during this incredibly slight slow-down, the mantle is going slower than the crust. The crust moving faster creates a lot of shearing forces and slippage at the contact points between the bottom of the crust and the top of the mantle. So the question, is Earth’s wandering magnetic pole tracking this slight movement of 40 miles a year?

People I’ve been talking to people who keep insinuating again and again that we’re heading into a much heavier, much more powerful cycle that is going to override what was considered a 400-year Grand Solar Minimum cycle of intensity.

Talking about dust in the atmosphere back in the Late Antique Little Ice Age, 535 AD era. For some reason that sulfur dioxide hung in the air from Rome to Japan and everywhere in between, and after 3 to 4 years of people breathing this sulfur dioxide laden air, the plague went further and swept across the planet as peoples’ immune systems decreased.

This event the 536 AD eruptions, Mike Baillie and Victor Clube talked about to some great extent. The Plague of Justinian happened in the Late Antique Little Ice Age and the Black Death Plague of the 14th Century occurred in the Sporer Minimum.

When we talk about the coming of Grand Solar Minimum, which is actually on-going, a lot of speculation is heard about its magnitude. It is not yet known, when the worst is yet to come. You see a lot of graphs paralleling the Dalton Minimum and the last four solar cycles, 21, 22, 23 and 24. They are indeed very similar and the Dalton Minimum.

Solar Activity is following this trend for now, but it doesn’t mean it’s like the case if the Dalton Minimum it will be short lasting, that it will last for two cycles and we go back to normal solar activity. We don’t know yet at this point.

When you check predictions of solar cycle activity, the predictions made in 2006 for the coming years was way higher than what we’ve been told. The average was forecast at 125, when in reality it was 78, that is a gargantuan difference. Now the same forecasters say this solar system no more than 100.

The French Revolution is a case in point, occurring at the very beginning of the Dalton Minimum. The French Revolution occurred after a carefully engineered wheat shortage. There was fear, there was cosmic pressure, there was political pressure, and what happened? The suffering led to hysteria and manipulation that made people embrace, accept or close their eyes to more violence and oppression.

It makes you think if global leadership is tested every 400-year Grand Solar Minimum, imagine what happens if it’s a once in 2000-year intensity event, Grand Grand Solar Minimum (GGSM)?

I hope I am right saying; In times of crisis, fear and pressure that people will find the right objective information and resonate more on the truth frequency to find solutions to global food constraints.





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