Gemstones & Octopus Fall from the Sky, Glaciers Grow in Africa

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N.W. Coastal China, octopus, starfish and other sea creatures falling from the sky after a line of continuous water spouts.

The unexpectedly powerful storm brought flooding, hail, trees down and structural damage along the coast.

Heavy hail as well, huge hail, we saw 200,000 cars damaged just a couple weeks ago in China.

It seems to be a global phenomenon where the hail size is increasing.

What’s so interesting is that octopus are falling out of the sky. This is a great image here.

Also had starfish that were also picked up in the same water spouts, and deposited on land several miles inland, shrimp too.

You can see some of the sign damage in heavy wind along coastal areas.

Taking a look at Betty So’s feed, she wrapped it up, there were some mollusks there, another gift from the water spouts. An enormous amount of sea life tossed about, social media “netziens” in China are putting together collages of displaced sea life.

Kilauea volcano continues erupting, but the new pumice raining down contains gemstones, olivine in the air. Right side is what you see a glimpse of a nice specimen.

What’s coming down and that people are finding by the thousands and thousands of pieces are these green small crystals.

Once you spend about 15 minutes finding these around your property and you collect part of a bowl, that’s real interesting in our day and age.

(below) Put them on a table more interesting, really beautiful stones here. USGS says oh it’s pretty common there’s often olivine in the rocks all over a Hawaii. Yeah all over the rocks in Hawaii I’ll agree, but not usually just flying out of the ash clouds during an eruption, it’s literally raining crystals in Hawaii.

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Social media is starting to fill with the pictures of obsidian as well as olivine. People are finding it everywhere now they’re knowing to look for, so now they’re finding it.

Beautiful olivine specimens here, this is not from Hawaii, but it shows you how large these crystals can get.

If we go over to Kalia beach, it’s actually a green sand beach consisting of the same olivine crystals, mixed in with the sand taking on this green hue.

Over to Tanzania, Africa at Mount Kilimanjaro, it’s is now covered by snow and an unusually long stint according to media reports. Beautiful trekking Safari images that you see of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, a boost for tourism in the country.

(Below) Here are the images coming out showing the snow cover increasing during this time, net picks it up, Unusually Long Period of Snow Cover. In the previous article on “All Africa” they talked about how much snow there is and how much this is going to reduce melting and help water flow longer through the growing season.

This is related to the unusually heavy rains and massive flooding in Tanzania, I did some stories on the floods in Kenya and the mega-floods in Somalia this last six months.

This is what Kilimanjaro looks like at the top. I guess this is one of those outliers where it doesn’t apply to CO2 warming rules on the planet. Glaciers growing, hail size increasing, gemstones raining from the sky, and you’re supposed to believe it’s all normal from the “experts”.

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