GoChain: welcome aboard (logo design contest of the platform)

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The platform of ethereum is suffering serious problems of scalability, and is that its 13 transactions per second is really short with the demands of the market, thousands of icos face the monumental barrier that this causes, limits the growth of projects, is a deadly atarazo that sooner than later would end up paralyzing the pltaforma

Many ideas have emerged as a result of the problem, but they are lumps of warm water, you are not attacking the problem from the root, and this is very simple, the problem is in the essence of the platform, to solve it is to create another platform with the benefits of the ethereum blockchain but without its scalability problems

This is the point that GoChain tries to solve the problem, a new ecosystem, with the improvements in data transfer speed that exceeds in 1000% the ethereum, but thinking about its users, because it is 100% compatible with the platform, so that projects and people can migrate from one ecosystem to another quickly and safely

Arriving in time to upload them on board !!

GoChain arrives just at the moment when the inevitable is seen, but it is not too late for the projects that run under the platform of the ethereum, rather gochain arrives to upload them on board !!

Gochain is underway, with a platform 100% compatible with ethereum, it comes to offer the option to migrate to your platform, it is so easy that people will not have to change a single line of code for its process, and it arrives renewed, it is a train of the 21st century because it does not have the mortal defect of the ethereum

Why a logo of transshipment between an old locomotive and a modern speed train?

The logo is designed to reflect a reality, the speed between both platforms are enormous, it is like the similarity between an old steam locomotive and a modern train, because with its speed of 13,000 transactions per second gochain to see the platform of the ethereum as a tortoise

Apart from energy savings, the logo also emphasizes, because a locomotive spent tons of coal on its journey, burning and throwing into the air very toxic waste, not that a new train does not consume energy, but is much more efficient, there is the key, gochain reduces up to 7500 the cost of transactions by lowering the level of energy consumption considerably, and avoiding excessive energy expenditure

The ticket is a pass symbol that people acquire when making the change of platform, this guarantees all the benefits that are written in it, so it carries the most important information about the benefits of the project and its undoubted advances on the platform of the ethereum



Logo made with different colors and backgrounds for different uses



link where you can download and also expand the images

image 1 : link

image2: link

image3: link

image4: link

These logos were made for the @mediaworks contest on the subject related to the platform of GoChain

To see more works and information about the contest between here


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