Streamity: Decentralized сrурtосurrеnсу exchanger (logo design)

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In the blockchain, there are platforms that exercise the role of a notary and a lawyer, these platforms as Streamity create a computer program through lines of code that are called "smart contracts" in which the different clauses are detailed that those involved in Negotiation needs is sealed in such a way that it can not be altered, this contract is a guarantee of transparency and security for all, so you are sure that your requirements will be met in full

The ecosystem of Streamity gathers a series of tools for users to achieve their financial freedom within the world of cryptocurrencies, currently there is no platform that offers the possibility of working with various cryptocurrencies, which generates problems when managing a diverse wallet

In the design of the streamity logo I focus on its main qualities, so the name of the platform comes out the different options of the user and a world map is placed to let you know that the platform was born with a vision to cover all the existing markets of Gradually but surely



To continue with ideas that can be used in any article written about the platform, generate another logo which makes it lighter, which can be used as a complement in reading, bearing the name of the platform, with the detail in the letter " i "placing the world to emphasize world service, also placing users, the security logo, a helix that is associated with cryptocurrencies and the company slogan below, make it in different colors so that it can be used in different Interface


Here another form, although it is the same logo, just changing the colors gives a different air


This article and the logos were made by @loganjose for the design contest conducted by @mediaworks and which is sponsored by Streamity

If you want to participate in the contest or see other works enter here



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