Give thanks to the Lord for all the kindness that He is showing to everyone. His love for us will always be greater than any problems that we have. Keep your faith!

Hello Steemians,

Appreciate what you have and focus your eyes on the bright side. Hold on, things will get better!

Get ready for the Top 3!

Trust His will and way; God's plans are beyond measure!

@joalvarez' GIVING BACK SUNDAYS!!! 100% Contribution to @FAMILYPROTECTION and @GRATEFULVIBES of my Sundays Posts

I love this verse and that is why I want to share it with you. God is telling us to always pray and ask for His direction and He will fight our battles in life if we invite Him and let Him.

No one is born useless; we all have a purpose!

@inspiredgideon1's What Do You Have?

No man or woman in this life is an empty vessel. We all have something in us. There is something we have that the world needs and until we personally discover it then we might not be useful in our generation.

You are like a flower, beautiful and nice!

@ronafe's Beautiful Pink Flowers

Indeed Philippines are blessed with some beautiful and lovely flowers. Here are few of them that I encounter in my daily adventure....I hope you like them. They are so gorgeous.....

Disclaimer: Photos are from the respective authors.

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Thank you for featuring my article

You deserve it!!

ANother awesome GV post by @escuetapamela!!
Congratulations to the talented authors!!

Thank you so much Papa Bear for this opportunity!
And congrats also to the featured posts!
Bear Hugs!!!.God.bless.<3<3<3

Thank you dear and God bless you more!

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