Those who fall several times but still standing up are stronger than those who never stumble.

Hello Steemians,

You were given this life because God believes that you're strong enough to live it. Heads up and keep on fighting!

Get ready for the Top 3!

The secret recipe to happiness!

@nikolina 's Simplicity - A Little Reminder To Myself

Even though I get distracted by so many things in life that make me think the other way, life's beauty is in it's simplicity.

A sunflower? A cake? She can do both!

@denissemata's Grateful to have a job

These beautiful cupcakes are for a girl who loves sunflowers. Just for next week I have to prepare a cake full of sunflowers.

Friendship can be found in your neighborhood!

@gratefuleveryday's I am Grateful for my Neighbor

He opened up his freezer and filled a bag with icecream! He brings it home from supper time and saves it for occasions like these!

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