Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude - #gratefulvibes - May 4+5, 2018

Today I am grateful for…

…the warm cup of coffee that helped me start my day!
…how well Duey seems to be adjusting to his new home!
…the burning hot sun and warm temperatures today!
…the walk along the river and around our local nature reserve!
…finding a hidden duck’s nest with 10 eggs in it!
…taking Duey outside on a leash for the first time (and not getting clawed to death)!

Photography by @kiaraantonoviche and may be shared/reposted with proper accreditation.

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I like the last one on your list. I remember what it was like having a cat.

All of my previous cats were declawed and indoors... so having one with claws that doesn't like his harness and is still getting used to going outside? TERRIFYING lol

Grateful attitude couldn't be compared with anything in this world. A heart that is grateful will always receive more hands of help at all time. Your piece is didactic. Keep the good work flowing man

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