Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude - #gratefulvibes - May 8, 2018

Today I am grateful for…

…taco Tuesday!
…iced coffee!
…plans for Minneapolis (and a tentative date set)!

Unfortunately, there are some things I’m not too happy about as well. I know this is a place to list positive things that I am grateful for but I just needed to say that I had to surrender Duey back to the local Humane Society. He became increasingly aggressive towards us… and he was a biter. It got to the point where we could not trust him or even pet him without him attacking, so we figured he would do better in another home with someone who could really work with him/rehab him.

I really hope he finds a good home. It was only a week, but I will miss him.

Photography by @kiaraantonoviche and may be shared/reposted with proper accreditation.

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Awe that's too bad he became so aggressive that he had to go back, maybe try fostering until you find the one that fits best into your home.
I went to the cat shelter here to adopt a cat but I couldn't find one that fit into my home or liked dogs, so I decided it was best not to adopt one for now.

Taco Tuesday - check! I totally requested that for my birthday recently. 🌮

Iced Coffee - check! I had Matt pick one up for me yesterday. Yum! ☕

Recognizing when an animal is not suitable for your home is a good thing! It shows that you care about the wellness of your home and the animal. You have given Duey a chance at finding a better fit. Good job! -Aimee

He will be fine..don’t feel sad/bad.

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