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On his life's journey, a person goes through many “doors”. Through some consciously, through some not. Imagine that each new round of life is a new door, that is, you enter each qualitatively new level of life through such a DOOR. And in order to enter this door you must correspond to its parameters. YOU must fit the size of this door, because, believe me, not a single door will adapt to your parameters. If the height of the door you are trying to enter is lower than your height, then you need not to be shy and bend a little.

Some doors to a new standard of living are huge, larger than the doors of the Kennedy Space Center, it would seem that you can enter them in a crowd, but it wasn’t there - try to move such doors from their seats. And they need their own approach, we need, let's say, your password.

In general, the doors forward, for the better, always have their own conditions: maybe some kind of password, or maybe it’s necessary to leave behind your door all your cargo that you carried for many years by yourself, even what seemed very expensive to you, in general that prevents squeezing through the door. Well, the doors that lead back to a lower level will always be open for you. It is logical that everyone wants to enter the door, which leads to something better.

Each person already has a lot, but he always wants more and is rarely satisfied with what he has. And a man stands in front of the door to this greater one and tries to open it: he pulls the handle, kicks, someone spends his last efforts trying to move it with his shoulder, someone screams, in the hope that someone on the other side will hear it and will open the door, the most desperate are trying to hollow a hole in the door or next to the wall ... but this does not help either. And all ingenious is simple, sometimes it is enough to leave the door alone. It’s enough just to calm down, turn your back on the door, or rather, turn to face what you have and say “THANKS”. Thanks to all that you have now, sincerely and honestly. And then the door that you were so eager for will open for you yourself. Then everything that is behind the door will easily and joyfully accept you - after all, no one wants to see ungrateful guests in their house.

Gratitude is an indicator that shows that you have already realized the value of what you have now and are ready for more. And all our discontent, dissatisfaction, complaints about life - this is the lack of gratitude, that is, readiness for more.

This is natural. When a person turns to you for help, you help him, and if after that he leaves without a banal “thank you,” the next time you may not refuse to help him, but I’m sure that your enthusiasm will diminish.

Be thankful for everything you have and will have more.

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