Gratitude 59/62: My Belgium boys are IN, Brazil the favourites are OUT

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It's no news that for a football fan the World Cup is the ultimate!.
I am a football fan, sorry I am a die-hard football fan and I'm happy with the way this world cup is going. This gratitude post is dedicated to the Belgium football team they give me the spark, joy and happiness to watch them. I am specially thankful because this edition of the World cup is not business as usual, they really outclassed and out played the Brazilian team they have made my evening.
They played with a lot of discipline and zealousness. De Bruyne was master class,
Courtois saved the day, Lukaku bossed Brazilian players around,
Hazard made it difficult for the Brazilian players and at the end they won!
That's all for today, feel free to join the gratitude challenge with @tojukaka, you can join at anytime and opt out whenever you feel like its completely your decision. Remember you can be grateful for everything and virtually anything, that's because it costs you little to give thanks...
Bless up
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