Gratitude 60/62: 6 Long tiring hours on the highway

in #gratitudeday603 years ago

This is the 60th entry of the daily gratitude challenge organized by the man himself @tojukaka, today I'm grateful for God's loving kindness upon my life, I travelled to Onitsha from Umuahia on Wednesday so I was to return today, I got to the park by 3pm this afternoon the bus left the park by 4pm and a journey that was to last for 2 hours ordinarily lasted for nothing less than 6hours 30minutes, the bus developed fault (the fuel pump spoilt) and broke down twice at the different dangerous places in the middle of nowhere, the first was at Azia community at around 5pm the second was at Ehime-Mbano at around few minutes past 9pm.
Honestly I was scared because I thought we were going to fall victim of armed robbers but to God be the glory I arrived safely and I'm just resting my hostel right now.

That's all for today, feel free to join the gratitude challenge with @tojukaka, you can join at anytime and opt out whenever you feel like its completely your decision. Remember you can be grateful for everything and virtually anything, that's because it costs you little to give thanks...
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