Writing the story


After commenting and reading some steem articles I came across this one.

And yes you could just put on a small story.. an idea.. something that drives your mind.

Why didn't I do that the last few months?
A lot was happened... downvotes.. less payout.. block chain hustle, private heavy things... deactivating Facebook. All energy went to meetings, work and keeping my business alive pumping with my bare hands that sinking ship... While creating a lot of opportunities with that. But my spirit has limits, my energy has limits.

The thing that got me going was the blockchain hustle the battle of freedom, freedom of all blockchains.

Don't expect me to write every day but I'll be writing again. That's a start.

I didn't have a writersblock but I had too much to write about I couldn't decide what to write and what is decent to write about.


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It's your blog and your story, write for you first and I feel often people appreciate your work more because it has an honesty about it. Thank you for leaving a comprehensive comment on my post, which I will answer. I think you should hook up with @steemterminal and @heyhaveyamet they are super supportive and a great group of active Steemians working together. @brittandjosie whose post you linked above is one of the people who runs the discord, and is one of the nicest and kindest people you would ever hope to meet.


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