Introducing Greeneum: A blockchain powered, decentralized platform built to incentivize green energy production

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Greeneum project is getting more famous each and everyday.There is high likelihood that the venture will turn into a market chief with the extraordinary group work.The thought definitely advantageous for all.

This is an awesome undertaking and its group is buckling down on this venture so this task will give us an excellent benefit.

We who support this task certainly will doing to get a heaps of advantages from the biological system. We are with the venture at thebeginning so we know the construction and we can spread the voice and welcome individuals to join this astonishing undertaking

Greeneum interfaces Green Energy makers, purchasers, and financial backers, guaranteeing that clean energy is enough subsidized and exchanged productively on a worldwide scale.

Greeneum constructs the innovation important to fabricate the decentralized Green Energy network of things to come. We fabricate instruments to

Ensure sustainable power creation and get your GREEN motivators and carbon credits

Make inexhaustible your energy creation more important and effective

Work with the speculation and exchange of environmentally friendly power all around the world, and locally

Permit energy buyers all throughout the planet to counterbalance their carbon impression


GREENEUM blockchain network is a decentralized energy network, permitting makers, purchasers, merchants, service organizations and different partners to associate unreservedly, safely which strenthens straightforwardness and trust. GREENEUM changes the manner in which energy is recorded, circulated, executed and utilized.


Security and speed is fundamental with regards to effective purchasing. Our API associates clients consistently to the Greeneum blockchain for simple exchanging.

Improved for productivity and proficiency, the Greeneum API takes into account consistent combination and customization to meet clients environmentally friendly power energy needs. From Green Certificates issuance to GreenPETs following is robotized through our foundation which empowers clients to handily get rewards.


Greeneum's main goal is supportability and the boost of a green future. Despite size or spending plan, GREEN tokens can be exchanged for versatile shrewd screens, sun based board, wind turbines, administrations and some other sort of resource.

Greeneum's decentralized open-market stage empowers sun oriented and economical energy items and administrations exchanging.



The Greeneum Network is dedicated to speeding up the overall progress to clean energy and reasonable advancements utilizing Blockchain and tweaked AI. Greeneum's computerized resources are associated with beneficial efficient power energy projects with Unique, notable innovation that confirms efficient power energy and streamlines power yield.

Join our network of Green energy and tech organizations, financial backers and subsidiaries. Appreciate selective freedoms intended to promote boost sustainable power projects, clean tech advances and to decrease fossil fuel byproducts. Join our environmentally friendly power energy motivator program or report us on planting a tree to make and be compensated with Green Certificates and Carbon Credits


Expanded degrees of sun based photograph voltaic energy made yield unsteadiness on adjoining lattices because of voltage entrance as force headed out to the Israeli public medium voltage


By coordinating Greeneum's restrictive energy forecast programming with a product based Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS), energy makers had the option to precisely foresee hourly energy creation.

With precise estimates on dynamic and responsive energy created by every inverter in the framework, makers had the option to amplify their profit and balance out lattice voltage

A great venture, with an unmistakable guide with experienced and fruitful group. This is an awesome venture and its group is buckling down on this undertaking with the goal that this task will give us an excellent benefit.



Greeneum use state of the art problematic innovation, including blockchain and AI, to make an unrivaled dependable, thorough, and possibly limitless information and energy exchanging stage. Greeneum innovation is fueling the energy market's change from a brought together and non-inexhaustible way to deal with a dispersed and feasible model which will take into consideration proceeded with monetary and mechanical development.






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