December stuff

in #greenhouse2 years ago

Hi all!

Haven't posted in a reaaaaally long time now. Today I've taken all the plants out of the greenhouse, should have done it a while ago but didn't get round to it. Got a last crop; these toms will ripen in the cupboard, will put a couple of banana's close to them to make them turn red faster. Should probably have Christmas tomatoes again!

This is the sorry state the plants were in. Temps dropped to -1 inside a few times so far and I've stopped feeding them about 6 weeks ago so it's no surprise they look so sad.

This pepper produced way too late in the season to get a chance to ripen but it had lots of fruit.

Saved a few and will probably pickle them.

Got some ripe ones as well. Not sure what I'll do with so many of them as they're hotter than the sun.

Aaaan... this is the current state. Will need to give everything a thorough clean - Hello Bleach :D - and get ready for the next season!


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