Greenhouse 03-08-18

in #greenhouse3 years ago

This plant is insane when it comes to side shoots. It's the Sunbaby.

They're growing from any part of the plant..from the stem, check; leaves, check; fruit trusses, check again... it's really annoying. They're growing even from the same place where I remover a side shoot. It's a great producer but I don't think I'll get this plant again next year, it just requires too much attention.

I've cleaned and lowered the rest of the plants as well. It's going to be a good crop in a few days. I think it's going to be another dehydrator batch.

The volunteer tomato hit another growth spur. It's amazing how big it is considering it's growing from between two cement slabs. It will need supporting pretty soon.

Moving onto peppers. Topepo rosso getting closer to being ripe.

The sweet banana pepper plant is really loaded.

The little Unicorn pepper growing from the tubes is turning as well!

And I'll leave you with an almost perfect truss :D


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