Greenhouse 18-08-18

in #greenhouse3 years ago

It's been a while, close to two weeks now. I haven't really done anything in the greenhouse except picking some of the veg so everything became really over grown.

Just look at this one plant; so many sideshoots that couldn't even be called sideshoots any more as they were almost as big as the main growing tip.

It took a while and lots of pruning but it's all back under control now.

I literally had green thumbs by the end of it, heh.

Came out with a nice bounty tho ... these will all be dehydrated and either turned into sundries or dried all the way and powdered.

The tomato plant in the tube system did die in the end... not quite sure why; I did manage to get 2 tomatoes of it in its short growing season.

Picked the red peppers of this little plant. Still have loads left on it but judging by how hot they are I don't think I'll actually eat them all for a loooong time.

Tied most of them up and they're going to dry now.

Aaaand... that's it. Cheers for having a look!


look really nice inside that greenhouse! nice polycarbonate glazing! cheers!

Thanks! Yeah, it was so easy to work with as well! Quite happy I went for this as opposed to glass!

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