Rosemary prunning

in #greenhouse2 years ago

It is the pruning season and I haven't really done any of the trees or fruit bushes.

I did have a quick go at cleaning 2 rosemary plants though.

First was the largest bush I have. It looked in a great condition but I thought it could do with getting rid of some of the interior branches to allow better airflow and strengthening of the main branches.

I removed all the weak and intersecting growth including the leaves on the bottom branches.

Next was a younger plant I was growing in a trident shape.

I did not really like the way it was looking so I got rid of the side branches and I will keep cutting the sides to create a thick trunk and obtain a mini pine tree effect.

All the cut branches were washed, salted and then dried.

I then blitzed them and got a really flavoursome rosemary powder that smells amazingly and is really good for stews and other dishes.



Knock it back hard. It will love you for it

I know it's pretty difficult to see in the pic but I took at least 50% off. I know I could go harder, but I'm pruning this one for shape mostly; got a few other rosemary bushes I went full ham on :D