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Today is World Community Grid's 14th anniversary! World Community Grid is one of the most popular, reliable and humanitarian BOINC projects out there, enabling anyone with a computer, smartphone or tablet to donate computing power for scientific research on topics related to health, solving poverty and improving sustainability.


For their 14th anniversary, they asked their users to publicly show support for the project by Shining a Beacon for Science. Many of us here on Steemit run various crypto-nodes, from Bitcoin to some small altcoin. Some of us are Steemit witnesses, or witnesses on other DPoS chains. You can consider those to be the beacons of wealth, or decentralization, or financial independence and prosperity.

This is a map of Bitcoin nodes in Europe (probably representing a lot of wealth by now). Shine a beacon of science too and spare a couple of cores for World Community Grid. You can get crypto-rewards for your World Community Grid computations as well, with #Gridcoin and #Byteball. In fact, if you are into such rewards, that makes WCG the most well-paid BOINC project right now.

My World Community Grid statistics. WCG uses points for its online stats, seven such points are equal to one (1) BOINC credit, displayed in your BOINC client.

I am running World Community Grid on my computers since 2010 and have accumulated over 31 years of total run time so far (on all CPUs & cores combined). I am currently on team Gridcoin, receiving Gridcoin rewards for my computations, but I have linked my WCG account with Byteball too, so I am receiving Byteball rewards as well. In contrast to wasteful Proof-of-Work algorithms, such crypto incentives can change the world in a way that all people can relate to - through science and scientific progress.

Shine a beacon for science!


Happy Thanksgiving day, @vortac! I want to thank you for the great support you showed to me, and to the Gridcoin community here on Steem! Many thanks!

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Excellent man!! Keep crunching!

science is love! <3

Fantastic idea - but we can see the result... People don't care

WCG has 650 000 users. Plenty of people care.

I have a question now...
I am running a witness for steemit; And I have some additional computational power that I could use to support this beacon of hope for science, which is what I will do for sure!
My question is - would donating CPU power impact my parallely witnessing actions?

All WCG tasks are executed at Low CPU priority so they should not impact the OS and other applications. Witnessing is memory intensive though (or so I heard) and WCG usually needs 200-300 MB per task so if you run lots of them (not uncommon on modern multicore, multithreaded CPUs) you might want to keep an eye on that.

BTW, what is the name of your witness, I would be happy to vote for it.

EDIT: I got it. It's @crowdwitness, right?

Yes! Thank you for voting.
I will definitely try it! If it makes some problems, I will use nice machines from one datacenter I have access to.

Thanks for your vote, I appreciate that.

Let's make computational stuff great again!

650.000 for science, while FB counts users. A bit hard discrepancy :(

4.62 million is a total number of registered BOINC users, with 100+ past and present scientific projects. Approximately 650k of them are participating in WCG (or have done so in the past).

14 is a big number for crypto.

You just confused me with a lot of projects here. :D
I need to research a bit more. I cant run nodes, but if i play the violin for the scientists, does that help them? hehe

I see theres one bitcoin node in Zagreb. Cool. :D

Yup. And you can probably guess who runs the other node :)

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I am currently on team Gridcoin, receiving Gridcoin rewards for my computations, but I have linked my WCG account with Byteball too, so I am receiving Byteball rewards as well.

Wait, but one have to be a part of the Byteball team and change his name for something like this @Byteball_c78d2530 in order to get the Byteball rewards... I guess Grigcoin team has the same requirements for their contributors.
How can you get rewards in both GridCoins and Bytes being a member of one of these teams?

You don't have to be a part of the Byteball team to receive Byteball rewards. You have to change your name to Byteball_something in order to register for Byteball rewards, but you can change it back afterwards to your old name (after the registration is complete).