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RE: On Marketing Steemit: Start With Why

in #growth-ideas4 years ago

Yes truly, to convince one to join this platform is relatively hard, coupled with the fact that here in Nigeria we have not really experienced vast internet exposure. That makes this a hard task and we all know that the platform consume more data.

Yes Facebook and other platform is addictive but steemit is not . here needs a heart willing to write and express himself .

Again, steemit rewards your sweat, very beautiful. But some are post are left unrewarded or under rewarded.

Love your post @ogochukwu. Have been following you for a while and i'll attest that you have been adding flavour to new steemians.

keep it up


Hello @godswill

Thank you for your constant engagement and your kind words.

Like you said blogging on Steemit is hard for Nigerians that is the more reason why it needs to be markted the right way, so that anybody who signs up will be patient enough to first build his/her personal brand.

Thanks for reading