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RE: On Marketing Steemit: Start With Why

in #growth-ideas4 years ago

Your design submission on infovore's blog led me straight to your blog. That was a beautiful design there. I should also sign up for it too.

It's so amazing seeing a fellow Nigerian command this level of influence on steemit. And i do love the exposure and quality content acumen you are trying to build amongst Nigerian Uers. Nice one boss.

You need to motivate people and show them the larger picture, starting with why will shape their mindset about everything they do on this platform.

Of a truth, I suck at anything marketing. Marketing has never been my stock-in-trade, but steemit has changed that perception i have about myself. It was awful when i started but that has changed now as i preach steemit anywhere and everywhere i am.


Hello @lemmybe

Thanks for reading and your kind words.

Steemit is community based and there is a lot of things you can do aside from marketing, it is just left for you to find out your strenghts and contribute to the community positively.

We also have a nigerian community here, do well to join us if you have not.