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RE: On Marketing Steemit: Start With Why

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I did not ask many questions when I heard about steemit but I went with my instincts. It felt right! I am not big in joining competitions nor am I active in pulling together communities but I help, vote and encourage, stay true to who I am and what message I have. I don't belong to the steemit stars and don't feel comfortable to be in the center of attention but I am amazed about the results so far, especially about the interaction with incredible members I get to know better every day more. Stay true to yourself and your community!


Hello @mammasitta

This your comment is gold. When we embrace the community spirit, the corporate greatness will rub off on you and it will inspire everyone to be better.

Thanks for reading.


Same with me, I just saw someone promoting it on YouTube I signed up four minutes into the video. I like checking new things and steemit looks just about right in that league of new. It has been an amazing 42 days.

Hello @greenrun

I have been following your activities on this platform and I can assure you that you are on the right path.

You are branding our nation well and I assure you that you will do great things.


Thanks a lot boss. This sounds awesome coming from an experienced steemian. Thanks.