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RE: On Marketing Steemit: Start With Why

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@ogochukwu I like the way how you write and also your character what is shown within every Post you make. I really appreciate that. You are a blessing to this whole community. But in the case of Marketing, I don't agree with everything you said. I will explain why and I will try to keep it simple.

You mention apple as an example. And what you said is totally right. But Apple has now a totally different stand than for example Huawei. Apple one marketing action is branding. I am a huge apple fan and I will always buy an iPhone because I am emotionally connected with this brand.

But building a brand takes time. Much time.
I think brand marketing for Steemit would be the wrong way because it's still too young and we don't​ know what happens​ in the future with this platform​. It didn't​ prove​ itself to 100%.

Steemit is growing but still unknown to the masses.
This is an important question we need to ask ourself​.
If we want that Steemit will be adopted​ by​ the masses, then​ your marketing should be starting buy what the advantages are for the user if he joins steemit.

In the example​ you shared with us is one important point missing.
The person you tried to convince​ is a person who doesn't​ need steemit. Why should he enter a site when he earns more money with other professions​? He doesn't feel the need for it.

The reasons to join steemit aren't​ good enough for him.
But for other people they are. People who see​ an​ opportunity​ and let's​ be honest, most of the​ users here dream to make steemit a good​ source or the main source of income.

People are looking first always for their advantage: How they can profit.
What I want to say is that your​ marketing effort was on​ the wrong people.
Or Steemit functions aren't​ good enough for the masses but I can imagine that this guy has a Facebook​ account.

Marketing starts always with the questions: What kind of people do I​ want to reach. And then​ how we can reach them.

I have so much to tell about it but it would be too long :D


Hello @modernpastor

This is one of the best replies I have ever gotten on my post, you made me look at this from a different light.

Thanks for this, I need more of this comments on my post, this made me think long and hard.

I have realized that even if we want to market Steemit to Influential people we should meet those who are willing to use their position and broadcast it to those who needs it the most.

Thanks for your constructive argument. I appreciate.


You're welcome, my brother :)

I am following you since my early days here on Steemit.
I like your attitude, you are someone who encourages and empowers people.
You are a big light here and in your country.

I love this concept of this Platform really I​ do. I want that it will smash downs the current big players. As you say we need to ​market it to people who are willing to use their position.

Maybe you don't​ know I​ am a professional soccer player. Playing in one of the best 50 clubs in Europe​. I am here because​ i love writing. For years i had an own blog. In my exist a spirit​ of entrepreneurship I​ like to try things out.

But also for me, ​before I​ get out and use my name for that I​ need to know how futureproof it is.