On Marketing Steemit: Start With Why

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The process of convincing people to join Steemit is sometimes a herculean task, I had a Meeting yesterday with a CEO of a popular Media company in Eastern Nigeria. I am planning a Steemit Seminar and wanted him to come and speak at the seminar.

The reason was because he is well versed in Personal Branding and I wanted him to water the ground at the Seminar before I come In and Talk about Steemit.

I tried getting him to join Steemit and when I after explaining it to him, he said that it was a good concept but that he could easily earn more Money doing business than blogging on Steemit

It was then I realised my mistake, I was trying to convince him with the monetary rewards instead of telling him the vision @dan had in mind when building this platform

Which is a platform that has vast amounts of opportunities which goes beyond earning Steem or Steem Dollars. I am currently writing a Marketing plan for promoting Steemit in Nigeria which will convince Companies like MTN and even Coca-Cola invest in Steem

If you are on this platform and your are depending only on the reward pool to get you rewards then you have not fully grapsed the essence of what this platform offers

Start by looking for problems the Steem Blockchain can solve in your country, believe me you will be amazed at what you will discover

So next time you want to introduce someone to the platform, don't start with WHAT they will get, start by telling them WHY they should join

This is what makes big companies like Apple and Adidas successful, they answered the question, Why Should I buy your product and not the cheaper and similar one form your competitor

We have to brand Steemit the right way in the eyes of people


As people who our lives have been changed by Steemit, It is only natural that we will want to link the rewards Steemit gives to their natural need for Money, but if they come in with that mentality they are more likely to give up if they don't see the rewards

Instead get them to join Steemit based on who they are and what they do, or even if they are not doing anything ask them about what they have passion for and how Steemit can help expand it, let them come in community minded

Steemit is becoming more and more community based as the day go by, let them come in and join a community or create one and then contribute positively to it, knowing that if they are active in their communities they will surely get rewarded

A prime example of this is a Steemian who goes by the name @progressivechef , his actions are bringing the Steemit Food Community together and he is someone whose actions have greatly inspired me

When you are telling somebody about Steemit, your pitch should be about how Steemit is challenging the Status quo when it comes to Social media, of how the community is built around thinking differently, before telling them the rewards that comes along with it

A person who comes in with that in mind will also have a kind a perception about Steemit that goes beyond Spamming and trolling, they will know from the get go that they will have to contribute positively to the community

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Manipulation Vs Inspiration

Those who Start with Why will always be open to inspiration. In Facebook and other Social Media, users are always manipulated for the benefit of the platform,

Manipulation through algorithms, notifications and peer pressure, it is not new for Facebook to show you what majority of your friends have signed up for or followed with a view to make you follow suit

This techniques brings value to the platform and drives up revenue, and also keeps bringing people back, this does not imply loyalty, it simply shows addiction, we are always quick to go back when Instagram tells us that one particular person have started a live video and you should watch it before it ends

I have never recieved a notification from Steemit that I never liked, it was always something positive and the notifications are not there to make me come in and waste my time, barely reading the post of Steemians like @sandstorm and @surpassinggoogle always gives me a boost of inspiration

Steemit breeds loyalty and community, the people you interact with daily on this platform leaves a lasting impression that rewires and shapes your mind, Steemit is like a melting pot of great ideas and you can always scoop up any amount of that liquid gold and form it into any shape you desire and it will always shine for the world to see

The truth is not getting people who you feel that are right for this platform, the key is in getting people who will believe in what it stands for, once that mentality is esthablished we will not have the issues we are facing now ranging from spam commnets to low quality content

Don't save your quality content for when you become a Whale, share it now and you will grow faster @edumurphy


Let them know that Steemit is not a place where they can come and print money

You need to motivate people and show them the larger picture, starting with why will shape their mindset about everything they do on this platform, so everyday they will ask themselves

Why would anybody want to read this post

Why would anyone care to interact and comment on this post and even share it on social media

Why will anyone want to upvote this post and if possible bookmark it

Why would anyone follow me and reccomend my blog to others

Steemit is shaping a new world order and we are lucky to be among the Genesis block, there are a whole lot of people out there who don't know this yet and who believe that they have nothing to offer

It is left to us to bring them out from the wastelands of Facebook and Netflix and give them fresh hope

Thanks for reading

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Yes truly, to convince one to join this platform is relatively hard, coupled with the fact that here in Nigeria we have not really experienced vast internet exposure. That makes this a hard task and we all know that the platform consume more data.

Yes Facebook and other platform is addictive but steemit is not . here needs a heart willing to write and express himself .

Again, steemit rewards your sweat, very beautiful. But some are post are left unrewarded or under rewarded.

Love your post @ogochukwu. Have been following you for a while and i'll attest that you have been adding flavour to new steemians.

keep it up

Hello @godswill

Thank you for your constant engagement and your kind words.

Like you said blogging on Steemit is hard for Nigerians that is the more reason why it needs to be markted the right way, so that anybody who signs up will be patient enough to first build his/her personal brand.

Thanks for reading


I have not even finished reading this post but I had to stop and resteem it and say...

You are one brilliant fellow.

This is fantastic stuff right here.

I hope everyone sees it

Hello @tojukaka

Your kind words are much appreciated and thanks for the resteem


I did not ask many questions when I heard about steemit but I went with my instincts. It felt right! I am not big in joining competitions nor am I active in pulling together communities but I help, vote and encourage, stay true to who I am and what message I have. I don't belong to the steemit stars and don't feel comfortable to be in the center of attention but I am amazed about the results so far, especially about the interaction with incredible members I get to know better every day more. Stay true to yourself and your community!

Hello @mammasitta

This your comment is gold. When we embrace the community spirit, the corporate greatness will rub off on you and it will inspire everyone to be better.

Thanks for reading.


Same with me, I just saw someone promoting it on YouTube I signed up four minutes into the video. I like checking new things and steemit looks just about right in that league of new. It has been an amazing 42 days.

Hello @greenrun

I have been following your activities on this platform and I can assure you that you are on the right path.

You are branding our nation well and I assure you that you will do great things.


Thanks a lot boss. This sounds awesome coming from an experienced steemian. Thanks.

Another awsome tip
Thanks @ogochukwu

The major probe with the steemit community in not growing rapidly and minnows abandoning accounts in Nigeria was due to the great scam of MMM and other ponzi schemes

Trying to make them believe in cryptos again takes time and the ones who would believe quits after a first low payout
But thanks to your tip

Now i know what to discuss first while orientating an individual👍

Hello @camzy

Like i said, you have to sell the picture to them when telling them about Steemit, that way they will be patient to build a personal brand for themselves.


You write excellent posts!

Thanks for reading and your kind words @hope777

Ogo. Your post are always insightful and well structure. The point is getting those who believes in the steemit dream.

You have said it all bro. I always learn a thing or two from what you offer. More grace.

Thanks for your constant engagement and your kind words @gunneresq

What a honor again to have a mention on your post my friend! You said it right, Steemit is not only about making money. Join communities, share your ideas and grow from there.
It is hard to keep going, but we all know that it is in hardship that you'll find success.
The foodie community i've set up is really working nicely and i am confident it will keep on growing in the weeks to come.
Thanks again for your usual great post bro!

Hello @progressivechef

Honour comes to those who have substance and I proud to say that you are a Steemian who truly knows what Steemit is about.

The foodie contest will surely be a big hit, I see it becoming a video series on dtube.

Steem On


Yes you are right about why and not rewards
The way people were invited to the platform based on rewards led to the spamming, begging for upvote and giving up on the network
I hope we all can correct that as we are all marketers of the steemit community.

It is left for people who are here to mentor them and show them the right path.


Thats like an extra load on the mentors
Which could have been avoided as stated in your post
Why let a problem occur when it can be avoided before start
On my side i was introduced to it majorly as an earning site
Out of over 40 in that whatsapp group maybe two or three are still on steemit

That is why we need to market Steemit the right way, it might be slow but we will make impact over time @tormiwah

sure. thanks


Every paragraph in this post is gold.

You mentioned coca cola thank you for that...

I cant think of a company that would not need to use steemit in the future. Steemit's application cuts across all borders...

Fantastic bro...
Thanks for sharing this

Good, very good. I pray that soon, very soon all our talks and plans won't be just words..

People who know their niche in steemit will do exploit .

Thats for sure, thanks for reading

Nice my friend, steemit is beyond as monetary reward. Many aspect inside steemit such as blockchain system, decentralized economy etc. :)

Thanks for reading Hanto

Retweeted search #FFSteemit on twitter for mutual blog promotions

Your design submission on infovore's blog led me straight to your blog. That was a beautiful design there. I should also sign up for it too.

It's so amazing seeing a fellow Nigerian command this level of influence on steemit. And i do love the exposure and quality content acumen you are trying to build amongst Nigerian Uers. Nice one boss.

You need to motivate people and show them the larger picture, starting with why will shape their mindset about everything they do on this platform.

Of a truth, I suck at anything marketing. Marketing has never been my stock-in-trade, but steemit has changed that perception i have about myself. It was awful when i started but that has changed now as i preach steemit anywhere and everywhere i am.

Hello @lemmybe

Thanks for reading and your kind words.

Steemit is community based and there is a lot of things you can do aside from marketing, it is just left for you to find out your strenghts and contribute to the community positively.

We also have a nigerian community here, do well to join us if you have not.


@ogochukwu I like the way how you write and also your character what is shown within every Post you make. I really appreciate that. You are a blessing to this whole community. But in the case of Marketing, I don't agree with everything you said. I will explain why and I will try to keep it simple.

You mention apple as an example. And what you said is totally right. But Apple has now a totally different stand than for example Huawei. Apple one marketing action is branding. I am a huge apple fan and I will always buy an iPhone because I am emotionally connected with this brand.

But building a brand takes time. Much time.
I think brand marketing for Steemit would be the wrong way because it's still too young and we don't​ know what happens​ in the future with this platform​. It didn't​ prove​ itself to 100%.

Steemit is growing but still unknown to the masses.
This is an important question we need to ask ourself​.
If we want that Steemit will be adopted​ by​ the masses, then​ your marketing should be starting buy what the advantages are for the user if he joins steemit.

In the example​ you shared with us is one important point missing.
The person you tried to convince​ is a person who doesn't​ need steemit. Why should he enter a site when he earns more money with other professions​? He doesn't feel the need for it.

The reasons to join steemit aren't​ good enough for him.
But for other people they are. People who see​ an​ opportunity​ and let's​ be honest, most of the​ users here dream to make steemit a good​ source or the main source of income.

People are looking first always for their advantage: How they can profit.
What I want to say is that your​ marketing effort was on​ the wrong people.
Or Steemit functions aren't​ good enough for the masses but I can imagine that this guy has a Facebook​ account.

Marketing starts always with the questions: What kind of people do I​ want to reach. And then​ how we can reach them.

I have so much to tell about it but it would be too long :D

Hello @modernpastor

This is one of the best replies I have ever gotten on my post, you made me look at this from a different light.

Thanks for this, I need more of this comments on my post, this made me think long and hard.

I have realized that even if we want to market Steemit to Influential people we should meet those who are willing to use their position and broadcast it to those who needs it the most.

Thanks for your constructive argument. I appreciate.


You're welcome, my brother :)

I am following you since my early days here on Steemit.
I like your attitude, you are someone who encourages and empowers people.
You are a big light here and in your country.

I love this concept of this Platform really I​ do. I want that it will smash downs the current big players. As you say we need to ​market it to people who are willing to use their position.

Maybe you don't​ know I​ am a professional soccer player. Playing in one of the best 50 clubs in Europe​. I am here because​ i love writing. For years i had an own blog. In my exist a spirit​ of entrepreneurship I​ like to try things out.

But also for me, ​before I​ get out and use my name for that I​ need to know how futureproof it is.

This is actually wonderful, I have similar ideas, although a different approach which I am also working on behind the scenes, when I am done, steemit will become a phenomenon.

@ogochukwu - I appreciate the mention 😊👍 and these questions at the end are exceedingly solid guidelines. I should paste them above my laptop screen so I can read them before every post.