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RE: On Marketing Steemit: Start With Why

in #growth-ideas4 years ago

Yes you are right about why and not rewards
The way people were invited to the platform based on rewards led to the spamming, begging for upvote and giving up on the network
I hope we all can correct that as we are all marketers of the steemit community.


It is left for people who are here to mentor them and show them the right path.


Thats like an extra load on the mentors
Which could have been avoided as stated in your post
Why let a problem occur when it can be avoided before start
On my side i was introduced to it majorly as an earning site
Out of over 40 in that whatsapp group maybe two or three are still on steemit

That is why we need to market Steemit the right way, it might be slow but we will make impact over time @tormiwah

sure. thanks