The fall of Civic-Nationalism and the rise of Ethno-Nationalism

in #groypers11 months ago

The Groypers (ethno-nationalists) have been on the rise, and now have ample base in the UK for operational movements. Their views will continuously seep into the mainstream media, as their tactics are fine tuned.

Civic-nationalism cannot adequately function when it is "one rule for me, another for thee" based on things such as skin colour;
for example, racist Muslim rape gangs cannot be defined as being racist or their crimes as being racially motivated despite their racial profiling and hatred towards the white girls because of their white skin, as the laws in this country do not recognize racism towards whites.
Institutions such as the police and fire services actively discriminate against whites when hiring. The BBC has non-whites only jobs. Brown people can be actively homophobic or misogynistic with no recourse. Rapists and murderers are prevented from being deported because they are not white. Etc etc.

Civic-nationalism is dependent on cooperation based on reciprocity. This type of cooperation is fragile, and only about 10,000 years old and requires high-level thinking, such as seeing people beyond skin colours. When this fails we fall back to gene based cooperation, which is hundreds of millions of years old, or towards tribalistic groups.

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