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Welcome to Steemit!

Steemit is a blockchain-based social media Dapp (decentralized application) that creates communities where users are rewarded for sharing their voice. It's a new kind of attention economy.

To help make your experience more enjoyable, we made a list of useful tips, links, and fun games to play on the Steem Blockchain.

And thanks @steemingcurators and @cryptokannon for making the original post, you can also follow them to learn more details about Steemit.

This post is just a starting point, feel free to share suggestions in the comments, as we will continually improve this guide.

This Guide will cover the following topics...

  1. The first thing to do when you come to Steemit
  2. Introduction of a Steemit Post
  3. Importance of the five given keys
  4. How to set your own profile
  5. The three ‘tokens’ on Steemit - SBD, STEEM and Steem Power
  6. Steem Power (SP) delegation
  7. How to earn STEEM
  8. How to post
  9. How to put tags on your post
  10. How many times can you post
  11. How to get more Steem Power (SP)
  12. Communities to join
  13. Useful tools
  14. Discord servers

The first thing to do when you come to Steemit

What is the very first thing a new Steemian should do? Post your first comment? Read the top paid posts to learn how to earn rewards? Upload your profile photo? The answer is, none of the above! The very first thing is: write down your master/owner keys on a piece of paper, and keep the paper in a safe, secure place.
Anyone can use your password to log in, to transfer money, to comment on others, and fish your friends. What would you call it? 'Master/owner key' is not enough. We would call this long string 'Steem ID's Life'. If stolen, dead.
We warn every new Steemian: NEVER, EVER use your master/owner key when logging in to Steemit! ALWAYS login with your posting key. It is sufficient for everyday use.
If you are doing something related to your Steem Wallet, then use the active key.
When do you use your master/owner key? Only when you want to recover something. Take it as the 'restore to factory settings' option on your smartphone.


Introduction of a Steemit Post

When you come to Steemit, you will see a lot of posts, but what are those buttons used for? Let’s see.


Importance of the five given keys

You'll be given a set of five passwords/keys uniquely generated for you. Keep these keys safe and secure. Each key is designed for different purposes, if you want to learn more detail about these keys, check out these posts:
How can I keep my steem account secure
Steem Basics: Understanding Private Keys
Steem Key Management
What are all these keys in my wallet? Why so many?

How to set your own profile?

Your profile info, profile image, and cover image can be set in your settings page. A complete profile is more appealing and will get more engagement. Once your image is uploaded, click the update button and enter your active key.
This is a really great post telling us how to set up profile, check it at: How to setup a complete profile on your blog page.

The Three Tokens on Steem

There are 3 'tokens' on the Steem blockchain: STEEM, SBD (Steem Dollars), and Steem Power (SP)

    STEEM is the basic cryptocurrency of the Steem blockchain. You can earn it by posting, commenting or upvoting on You can also deposit, withdraw or trade STEEM at any time.

    STEEM can be powered up (or ‘staked’) as Steem Power (SP). The more Steem Power you have, the greater your influence on the platform. Having more Steem Power gives you more voting power, which allows you to earn more ‘curation rewards. Having Steem Power also gives you the power to vote for the witnesses who oversee the blockchain.
    Steem Power can be converted back to STEEM through the process of ‘powering down’. This takes four weeks and you get a quarter of your Steem Power as liquid STEEM each week.

  • SBD (Steem Dollars)
    SBD was originally designed to be on parity with the US dollar - so 1 SBD should equal 1 US dollar. However its value does fluctuate with the market although not as much as the value of STEEM, and it generally stays within about 10% of the dollar value.

Steem Power Delegation

Steem Power can be leant to other people through a process known as Delegation.
When you delegate SP you retain the ownership of the Steem Power, but the person you have delegated it to enjoys the benefits of its voting power and collects the curation rewards from its use.
SP is very important. Daily posting or direct buying can increase your SP. So, when you want to get more SP quickly, is there any way? The answer is delegating SP, which means lending your SP to others.

People wonder if the SP they delegate to others is safe? The answer is YES. When you delegate SP to someone else, they only have the right to use the SP, but the SP still remains in your wallet that can be withdrawn at any time (process usually takes 5 days). After you delegate the SP, there will be a parenthesis after the SP in your wallet interface, for example, the interface of someone’s wallet shows -2552.794STEEM, which means that the user has delegated more than 2500 SP to others.


Learn more:

How to earn STEEM

There are several ways you can earn STEEM, here are some options:

  • Content creator
    Create interesting and valuable content on Steemit to earn STEEM as a content creator
  • Freelance work
    Networking with a community member on steemit and share your passion or specialized skills that you can offer to the community as paid services or market your product.
  • Take part in Contests and Challenges
    Steemitblog and many other communities regularly run contests for every Steemian to join, if you win and upvote by official steem curation accounts or some other big whales, you will earn rewards by posting.
  • Lease/Renting out your Steem Power
    Buy some STEEM from exchanges and power up your STEEM to Steem Power then rent/lease it out to other Steemit users for daily Steem payment to your wallet.
    You can buy STEEM from crypto exchanges. Here is a list of the most popular exchanges:
  • Poloniex
  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Huobi

How to post?

  1. It’s easy to post on Steemit, just click the button in the upper right corner to begin a post. It is important to know how to format your Steemit posts like a pro, here is a guide from @cmp2020 on how to do that properly: Markdown and HTML for Steemit Posts
  2. What does the Rewards: 50% SBD / 50% SP mean?


You can learn from Should I use 100% Steem Power or 50%/50% Payouts for my Post

All rewards will be issued 7 days after publication. Click the small inverted triangle on the right side of the article's profit, it will display the article's potential profit and how long it is still going to be released.


How to put tags on your post?

Up to 5 tags can be added on each post, the tags of the article must be related to the subject. If you put a tag that does not match the subject, Steemit big whales will come to downvote it, which will have a great negative impact on the author’s reputation and profit.

Here is a very good post that tells you how to use tags.
How to put TAGs on your Steemit Post

Other popular tags you can find from looking through all trending posts and begin to use your interested tags to let more people find you.

How many times can you post?

The more resource credits (SP) you have in your account, the more transactions you can perform. We recommend having at least 20SP to perform a normal usage. This is equivalent to 2 posts a day and several comments and upvotes. When you power up, you will have more SP instantly. To know exactly the status of your account, we
recommend using this free tool: Steemworld (by @steemchiller)
For new Steemians, Steem will offer 15SP to begin posting.

How to get more STEEM POWER

Steem Power is the holy grail on Steem. The more you have, the more influence you have on the platform. So we recommend to POWER UP your STEEM in your Wallet.

  • Liquid STEEM in your wallet earns you nothing, which you can trade at an exchange for other crypto or sell for fiat currency. When you power up STEEM, part of the new generated Steem will be distributed to all users who are holding SP, you don´t have to do anything, it increases automatically.
  • When you upvote a post with your SP, you earn curation rewards, this is a portion of the total payout of the post you voted on. Authors get 50%, curators get 50%. The more SP you have, the more curation rewards you earn because your vote is bigger.
  • Compete in challenges on Steemit. Monthly, there is a contest called #spud4steem, on this day you get extra motivated to POWER UP, because you can earn SP and other prizes! Follow @kiwiscanfly
  • POWER UP Steem to Steem Power (SP), the conversion ratio is 1:1, which is instant. But if you POWER DOWN Steem Power (SP) to STEEM it takes 4 weeks, please be cautious when doing this.

Communities to join

You can check HERE to see all the communities on Steemit and subscribe the one you interested in.

Useful tools

  • is a very useful website to check everything regarding your account or transactions on the Steem Blockchain. Just put /@yourusername at the end of the link! Made by top witness @steemchiller.

  • If you post and want to include an image that is not yours, you can use photos from the following websites that are free to use. Please add the link to the image source in your post.

  • For users that don't post in their own language or want to improve grammar and spelling of your post, we recommend using Grammarly, it is free and also has a Chrome extension. When your posts are enjoyable to read, more people will follow you and give you support!

  • Steemit is the biggest application on the Steem blockchain if you want to discover what else Steem has to offer, Dappradar lists them all. You can use the same keys for every Dapp on Steem!

Discord Servers.

Thank you and STEEM ON!---

If you have any suggestions, please put your comment under this post, we will follow it ASAP. Or, if you have anything to ask or not clear about something, you may mention the Steem greeters team members in the comment section of their latest blog post, or reach out to them for guidance.
Also you can join Newcomers' Community to learn and make friends or go to the FAQ page to learn more about how to steemit.

All of you can post more guides for beginners, we will be much appreciated with upvotes, just put yours in comments, thank you!

Enjoy your new travel here on!

Thank you,
The Steemit Team


Thank you so much for this overall view on what is the most important thing newcomers should aware of when they just get started on steem network especially Steemit.
They sure are in good hands if they follow and understand this post. They won't be overwhelmed with all the information that they need to learn while in steem ecosystem.
We Steem Greeters team are here to serve you if you have any questions regarding steem network and Steemit. The Steem Greeters Team Members : Updated on 17th October 2020

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trump says "if Steem breaks I can fix it with a blowtorch and a hammer!"


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yes you are right newcomers should be aware of everything and have knowledge of everything

Perhaps an upvote or two for my latest video, so many strange things on the top feed why not something fun?

very helpful information.

I agree with that.. how many agree . Like it

Thank you very much

thanks for sharing superb content.

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Thank you so much

thanks for sharing superb content.

Awesome!! I have shared it on my Twitter account and Facebook account that I've created for Steemit promotion in Argentina. May I translate this post to Spanish to share it in my language? Most of the people here don't speak English and I think this is a great post for those who are not on the platform yet.

Cc. @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02.

Of course, thank you

Great! Thank you too!

Dear @steemcurator01, it's already translated and shared on Twitter and Facebook. Here is the link in Spanish:

Thank you very much for this overall look at the most important thing that beginners should know when they are starting out on steem, especially Steemit.


Will you be my girlfirend

Thank you Team for such an important contribution, I have left a translation into Spanish for the benefit of the Spanish community. Thank you and Happy and long life.

Gracias Equipo por tan importante contribución, he dejado una traducción al español para beneficio de la comunidad española. Gracias y Feliz y larga vida.

Very useful guide for all users, we translated it into Italian for our community.

Happy new year, I accidently updated my tron account, and balance looks like it is gone, is there anyway to recover those funds

Right on

Needs to be updated. Doesn't say anything about TRX (which still doesn't work for me BTW)

The right of a comprehensive publication systems for a lot of information for beginners, but there is an important point. Many people here intervene, meaning new and have no energy, and do not find any support from whales. That is, most of them are not encouraged while many people who have energy only exchange votes between them

The message here is directed to all whales who have distinct energy. We must support the beginners to make them love the community and encourage them to attract their friends all the love and appreciation of all and the work team that is tired to advance in this society @steemcurator01
@steemcurator02 ;D

I joined about 30 minutes and will support others when I am experienced.

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this blog is very nice, greaat...

Hi, thank you for this post. I have not logged into my account for so long. maybe more than a year. When I finally logged in last week, I noticed that a lot of changes has happened in Steemit.

I delegated some SP to smartsteem and minnowbooster but now their website don't even exist and I am unable to undelegate my SP from them.

Are you in a position to offer any advice & solution?

This is insightful and well written.

What are some good tribes to join? Are there any tokens being developed or communities built around some?

Hi @esecholo this is a new project just launched, but you need to have tronlink wallet and some TRX token for the transaction and at least more than 100SP to delegate to the project

you also can join steemingcurators community, any SP is ok to become official member 😊

That was really helpful, thank you !

Thanks for the tutorial. I am a new member in this platform. This article mean a lot for me.

Very very helpful thank you for providing such an informative blog.

Thank you so much for this great information, i really appreciate therefore I'm rating you 5 Star.

Thank you so much for this great overview. I first thought that steemit was to complicated for me. But now I understand the basic concepts and the main functions of steemit. Every newcomer should read this guide carefully. I'll share it on my twitter account!

Im a newbie here on Steemit. Im still trying to figure out how to progress and understand how it works.
I joined some contests (won twice so far) and posts blog.
im not sure on how the UPVOTE works. can i click the UPVOTE mostly on what i see is a good content, does it have a limit to upvote? will i be losing something when i just click upvotes more often?

Also, can i UPVOTE on my own Blogs and comments? will it have any points lose or something on my end????

Hello @iamhaslemere

can i click the UPVOTE mostly on what i see is a good content, does it have a limit to upvote?

Upvoting good quality content is mainly what we encourage on Steemit just like they do in @project.hope community. How will you feel if no one upvote your quality content on Steemit? I'm definitely sure you are going to feel very bad about it, the same applies here. Always ensure you upvote "good quality content" that deserves to be upvoted as this tends to make the content creator publish more content on the steem blockchain.

About the upvote limit, there's actually something known as Resource Credit (RC) which tends to regulate your amount of upvote on every post you make and this Resource Credit also charges up with time. The simple summary is that "the more your Resource Credit (RC), the more chances of you upvoting people's content and the lesser your Resource Credit (RC), the lesser chances of you upvoting content on the steem blockchain". It's always advisable to make use of your Resource Credit wisely and start Upvoting good quality contents on the steem blockchain.

You can check your profile info including your Resource Credit level via

will i be losing something when i just click upvotes more often?

You aren't loosing anything by Upvoting others but there's high chance of you reducing your resource credit in which you may have to wait for some time for it to charge up again. Also, in addition you tend to gain more curation rewards via steem power (SP) when you upvote other people's posts.

Also, can i UPVOTE on my own Blogs and comments? will it have any points lose or something on my end????

Smiles, this is known as self upvote. Well, I really don't have much to say about this but the fact is that if everyone were to engage in self upvote without Upvoting others, do you think you'll be able to utilize Steemit more? I'm quite sure your answer will definitely be NO.

I really don't encourage self upvote but I encourage Upvoting other quality contents on Steemit. Also, you can also join some curation trail and start earning cool upvotes for your activities on Steemit depending on the curation terms and conditions.

In conclusion, I suggest you grow your account more by interacting or engaging with others on Steemit by dropping valuable comments on people's posts, always create good quality contents, take part in contests just like @steemitblog suggested up there and you also stand a chance of earning cool upvotes. There's still a contest going on by @steemitblog where you can gain good upvote from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02. I suggest you visit @steemitblog for more info.

Thanks for your time and I hope you have a great day ahead with love from @hardaeborla 💕❤️💕💓

Big thanks! @hardaeborla very detailed answer to my questions. I really appreciate it big time!
upvote one for you! hahhaha

Hi @iamhaslemere welcome to Steemit Community. Have you joined the Newcomers Community ? We have this program where you will get to learn steem ecosystem and get reward along the way Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources. If you have completed at least Achievement 4 you can apply for our 500SP Support Program 500SP Minnow Support Program: Curation List - Updated 26/10/2020.
You can join @steemingcurators community too Steemingcurators we help each other grow in Steemit there.

can i click the UPVOTE mostly on what i see is a good content, does it have a limit to upvote? will i be losing something when i just click upvotes more often?

you can check your upvote mana here

you still have about 58% Resouce Credit left. If it goes to 0 you will not be able to do anything with your account and have to wait for some time for this RC to recharge back to 100%.

Also, can i UPVOTE on my own Blogs and comments? will it have any points lose or something on my end????

You are free to upvote your own post but this is not generally encouraged in an excessive manner, also with 14SP there is not much upvote value you will get if you self vote your own blog and comments. Your resource credit will drain fast if you frequently upvote and will take some time to recharge back.
My suggestion is to engage more with others, join #thediarygame 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game - Season 2 ends, Season 3..., the easiest way to get started and to get support from steemit curation account while it still last..

Oh great! This is very useful for me and to all newbies.
Thanks @kryptokannon for the advice. Appreciate it so much!

yes I agree too very useful

hi everyone ,i m new . support me pls ...thanks

This was very insightful for a newbie. I just started exploring the world or crypto currency and all my friends, already involved suggested I start here. Are there videos that you can recommend for Steemit? thanks.

Another question.... Is there a mobile app I can utilize?

So which one should I choose for more earnings? "Power Up %100" or "50 SBD% / 50% SP"? Please I'm confused :/

Thanks for helping us with valuable advice

I am a newcomer here. Much appreciated post. 👌
Thanks for the guidance😉

Awesome...thanks for appreciating the idea, I am very happy to have contributed to the birth of this official initiative and I hope it goes well.
It would be great if this were just the first of many editions.
I will surely translate the post in Italian and I will try to involve all the users of my community.

Congratulations and I wish you great success!! ✌️🤗

Steemit is the best...

Steem is a ponzi scheme. There are way better platforms than this shithole. Don't waste your time and money in this bitch. Thank me later.

Hi @steemitblog, from what I know, a lot of things have changed due to certain reasons but can we know what is the exact new (if there is) method of withdrawing your earnings from Steemit?

For Defi you could use Wrapped Steem Tokens. @projectw

They are Wrapped Steem on Trons Blockchain (TRC-20).

Hi @imawreader there is nothing much change just the 13 weeks powerdown change to 4 weeks powerdown now. Soon steemit users will get a payout in TRX token too if they enable this feature at their wallet section.

That will be a game-changer for sure.

Thanks for such a good write up with easy understanding. But where can i play games on steemit, and how can i edit/update a post. Thanks

Good cuide. Bety usefull.

Hi @steemitblog
This is an excellent post, both for its completeness and it’s brevity. I love the index for quick future referral and the completeness and breadth of the information. In addition it is an excellent collection of helpful links. I think it’s a informative post, which should be read by all new and old members of the community. I will resteem this post and repost in my communities.


Maravilloso muchas dudas aclaradas gracias por la publicación...!!


it was usefull

Thanks a lot for this post. The most important information in just one place, that's great. This is pretty useful even for guys who have been around here for a long time. I just wish there would have been something like that when I started out.

Nice post, this is indeed an eye-opening to the new comers, the @steemcurators should try also to upvote the new comers, so they will be encouraged to keep writing

It's very detailed. Thank you

This is fantastic, thank you for the guide.

is there a referral link?

Thanks for the tutorial.

Cool I just know the power down only takes 4 weeks

[WhereIn Android] (

Dear @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog, it's already translated into Spanish and shared on Twitter and Facebook. Here is the link:

Thank you for such an amazing post!

Thanks for this blog it helped me understand the basics of steem.

Hola soy brensetty steemit es el mejor

Hello Steemit Team glad to see you are doing Great work arranging so impressive and informative challenges, I have a little query I hope i would get response over it.
Some days ago one of my friend who wanted to join steemit got issue of Google Recaptcha i wanted to know is that fixed now ? the problem was the recaptcha was not giving verification process it was like loading loading round and round.

Waiting for reply :)

This is a crystal clear tutorial. After I hover over around 5-6 finally found the perfect one 🌸🌸 This really helped! Thanks a lot!

#onepercent #affable #SriLanka

i am here in steem for long time and since then many thing changes thanks for this update.

This is a very important write up that every STEEMIT newbie should get and make use of.

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So,when you want to get more SP quickly, is there any way? The answer is delegating SP, which means lending your SP to othes.

Does it mean a Steemians can earn SP by delegating of already earned SP, while the receiver of the delegated SP earns Steem by influence of the received SP??

Great Guide!

How to get sbd converted to flat and withdrawn for indian users?
How to get sbd converted to steem?
How much sp is required to have upvote value of 1sbd nowadays?
Do we get curation reward when our vp is 0?


Hi @drqamu I just posted step by step how to exchange your SBD to Steem here How to Exchange your SBD to Steem?

Thank you. Will check it out.

iam new not welcome for me
love from pakistan

Welcome to Steemir @laila.rai.
Contact me and i will let you know about the achievement posts so that you can get a warm welcome here on Steemit.

Very useful for newcomers!!

Thank you for this informative post. I have been on steem since 2017. I am still learning on the Steem blockchain and Blog website Steemit.

Thank you so much for this very valuable guide. I just joined today, and this guide has really helped explain the platform to me. I'm really excited to connect with the Steemit community!

Great to hear from you Steemitblog! I have some issue about my private keys, I can open my account but I can't promote it, there must be something that I should do, maybe like choose one of the private keys, can you help me which keys I should choose so that I can promote my blog as well... Maybe I should use my active key friend... And another thing, it's good to hear that I can write and submit my work here everyday, can't wait to start guys. Thanx for the helpful article Steemiblog... Don't forget to write down tpa paper your steemit keys or take note guys.

This is so informative and idea catching. God speed..

Nice, simple and yet complete guide for beginners. It shed some light also on a more expert user like me :)
I bookmarked this as there useful links I might need in the future. TY! :)

Thanks, this informations are very helpful for me as a newcomer.
Happy steeming!

Hi there! I want to promote my blog but why I can't find my promote button and can you help me please? God bless you...

Thank you so much for this guide. As a newbie, I am bit overwhelmed of this application but through this guide, I could at least have an idea on how to start.

Very Helpful guide lines for newcomers.

This is a very good tutorial @steemitblog. I will encourage the achievement 1 posts I greet in the Newcomer's Community to visit this post for general understanding.

Best Wishes.

I'm still not sure what those keys are... I'm excited to be here. Everyone seems welcoming and nice. All I have to do now is make a post ! And the writting begins 😊

Thank you so much for this overall view on what is the most important thing newcomers should aware of when they just get started on steem network especially Steemit.

Hola Steemitblog, gracias por proporcionar esta guía, yo estudio mucho la página de preguntas frecuentes, y creo que de ahí se pueden sacar buenas guías. Feliz día.
#onepercent #venezuela #affable

follow me please im new

Thank you so for the introductory post. It was helpful.
thumbs up

your site is interesting, but users vote very little for posts ((

Nice work for new user... Friend, you are doing well,,,,
So new user first you have to read this blog ,,, than I shour you will earn ......

                                                           राधे राधे ।।।।

very helpful, thanks for sharing

This information is helpful. Thank you

Muchas gracias por esta guía, es importante tener en cuenta todos estos pasos. No esta de más repasarlos.

Saludos a todo el equipo de Steemit.

It is very important for me to know something!How do I payout from steam power?100% power up is all added to SP.How do I make sbd from SP?
Please let me know.

Thank you so much for your good post. This post is very useful for me.

Hi @abbas01

How do I payout from steam power?100% power-up is all added to SP.

you can change your payout setting to 50/50 to SP and SBD too. Then you will get your post payout in the form of SP and SBD

Then exchange this SBD to Steem on the internal market here

How do I make sbd from SP

You have to do power down for this and wait for 4 weeks to gradually get all your powerdown SP in liquid Steem token.

my pleasure reading this but I must commend that this piece of information is way to good to go and I'll try share this to appreciate your effort. Refer to jamb expo you put into your blog and detailed information you provide refre to 2021 jamb expo admiring the dedication

Hi friend you will have to initiate a power down go to your wallet click on Steem power initiate power down, you can power down 25% sp each week, then you can covert your steem power to steem and then you can send it on an exchange and convert into fiat currency. You will need to use your private active key to perform your transaction.

Hi @cryptokannon & @rishabh99946, what is power down? what does it do, why do i have to power down? whats the purpose?

aslo, i transferred my STEEM to savings, whats next to that? i want to convert to any crypto that i have on another platform(can this be done?)
In short, how can i transfer my STEEM to money?
you can always go to Steemit internal market to exchange steem and SBD

Hi @benson224

Or you can use the fast service and switch to steem


Also in addition to what @cryptokannon posted, you can also decide to power down your steem power for some period of time to get liquid steem tokens but I really don't encourage this habit consistently as it sometimes tends to affect the value of steem. This is why we always engage in #spud (Steem Power Up Day).

Nice work keep it on my brother

Could I have permission to translate into Bahasa Indonesia?


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This is really beautiful and the security is very trusting.. I love the app steemit.

very useful, thanks.

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