D’Addario Micro Soundhole Tuner

in #guitar4 years ago

I came across this D’Addario tuner the other day and thought the concept was very cool for acoustic guitars. I currently use a Snark that clips in to the headstock. It works well, but I’m always interested in new guitar gadgets and like how small it is.

Has anyone used one of these? What do you think? Looks like they are on sale at Amazon for about $14.


BTW. Where are you newer openmic entries?

I just submitted a post for open mic week 72. I've been absent from open mic for a couple weeks due to other obligations. I'll keep submitting when I can. Thanks! :)

I really like clip on tuners. i use a snark super tight. i just leave it on the headstock most of the time. this looks cool though.

Thanks...I do the same with my Snark.

Interesting tuner for the $,...is it easy to turn it on/off?

That’s what I thought. From the video, it looks easy enough. I don’t heave one but was thinking of it.