Today's LITERAL INSANITY Condensed to 1 Minute 10 Seconds!

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May things that make little sense can be put in this perspective. It's hard to not get discouraged at the magnitude and completeness of the cage we're in.

I mean...let's take taxes for instance. I cannot think of a single thing that we are not taxed for. Heck....even the air we breath is taxed (called carbon tax...which is pretty much a breathing tax).

It's just sick...

I gotta say man you hit the nail on the head..... Multiple times on this one up voted and resteemed hope you survive the YouTube purge

True video, good move to upload on Dtube. I remember some of your videos on YT but YT will ban the true speech videos.

Thank you @highimpactflix for another truth filled video! You dais it correctly, #dTube is the BOMB!!! YouTube might remove or flag this video, but not on any of the STEEM blockchain platforms.

With the advent of more users fleeing from YouTube, dTube will scale up to handle the load. I hope all of the woke YouTubers out there are downloading and saving their videos before they are lost forever from the YouTube hammer dropping on them one by one.

On the subject of the false flag event "actors" (of which all of them on the TV ARE actors), YouTube is taking huge action against anyone who attests to that fact.

Insainity or deception??? Either way the state is the problem NOT a soilution. It does stop with me because I won't cocent!

"...won't consent!" L.O.L...fat fingers.

I'm having trouble uploading on Dtube, what's the way to go?

i would go to their help/faq page they have a chat board you can address issues on and talk to someone from steemit...

Thanks for this

use 720p orlower videos

LIKE! I did a gun control exposed video, first one ever i did. Just felt like i had to say the truth! Like your video!

liberal lunacy is logically illogical and literally lost

I like that, truth is truth even if no one believes in it, and a lie is a lie even if everyone believes in it.