Proof Anti-Gunners are PRO-GUN - PRO AR-15...But There's MORE!

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"Law"... L.O.L. Anyways, how can they not see that they are starting a war with guns. Having gun control makes it harder for heroes to get guns. Its ridiculous how they think criminals will not BYPASS the law.

Agree. Criminals don't follow that law.

It's the very worst criminals that write & enforce the state's "laws". They're the worst most imorral folks on the planet, it's a kakistocracy.

Statists will never understand that argument. They don't get that government is simply defined as (a monopoly on the use of force), even though it is not defined that way in a dictionary. Therefore, if you want guns outlawed, the state's enforcers will use guns to carry out that action and have them removed. Seems simple to understand, but most simply don't get it!

Unfortunately, clear heads, logic, and morality is uncommon these days. When you disagree and support your argument with facts and reasons, they resort to banal rhetoric. None of these anti-gun laws have been proven to reduce "gun violence", in America, yet they call you a baby killer if you're not an ardent supporter of these laws.

The govt. is a classic example of "do as I say, not as I do."
All we need to do is make them obsolete. What we need are cooperative micro-communities/economies that are decentralized

Prior to the 1989 Fire Arms Protection Act that effectively banned Machine Guns, Government Agencies (ATF, FBI, And Justice Department) were maliciously prosecuting Federally Licensed Firearms dealers in an attempt to circumvent violating the second amendment but with the goal of preventing people from being able to buy guns. The malicious prosecutions didn’t be violate the Amendment but this law most certainly did. If we repeal the law based on an unconstitutional infringement claim, citing the 2008 and 2010 Supreme Court Opinions which upheld the Ownership of any Gun as an individual’s “Right”, then we risk going back to a system of malicious prosecution of dealers nationwide, closing down the stores and small manufacturers have no customers.

If we add semiautomatic weapons to the list of highly controlled Automatic weapons we risk the law being challenged as unconstitutional and ending up where we started anyway.

We’re damned if we do an damned if we do the other thing. The only solution is to maintain the status quo.

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