Guns and the Second Amendment

in #guns3 years ago

The debate on guns is everlasting, but what drives me crazy is when folks misrepresent gun owners, NRA members, supporters of the Second Amendment and cannot even bother to get the terms correct in their debates. Here is a quick reference for both sides, so that you don't immediately reveal your stupidity.

  1. Magazines versus clips - modern gun DON'T USE CLIPS, AR-15s use magazines, Glocks use magazines, most guns use magazines.
  2. AR-15 (the AR stands for Armalite, not Automatic Rifle and definitely not Assault Rifle
  3. The AR-15 uses one of the smaller rounds on the market and most hunting rifles are bigger caliber. AR-15s do come in different calibers, but the majority of civilian owned are .223/5.56 (a small caliber)
  4. High capacity magazines (the rifle comes with 30 round magazines usually or 10 depending where you buy it. A 30 round magazine is STANDARD, it is not high capacity.
  5. I am a gun owner, have more than 50 do I need them all? Simply, NO but then again I don't need 300 empty beer bottles for brewing nor do I need 6 bicycles all of which I have. It is not whether I need them or not, since I am breaking no laws I choose to buy what I want. I am also a life long NRA member so while you may think that makes me bad somehow, I volunteer, I have helped the elderly, I have taken in no less than 8 people who hit hard times, including my adult daughter - I have never complained, unless they became complacent and lazy. In my life I have treated people fairly, I have Asian, Black, Hispanic and White friends, I shoot with many of them for fun...being an NRA member only makes me an NRA member, nothing more.
  6. All guns sold through dealers require a background check, PERIOD. Yes, private sales do not require a background check, but trust me sales like this are not as common as you think and try tracing a mass shooting to one of these guns, it just doesn't happen. Besides, most people sell to family members or friends so they are not just selling to someone on the street.
  7. The Second Amendment is not in place for hunting or self protection- AT ALL; it is in place for one thing only, SO THAT CITIZENS CAN TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT. That was and will always be the case.
  8. Most shootings in this country are by idiots / criminals with hand guns, yet we focus so much attention on the AR-15
  9. There is not such thing as a ghost gun
  10. Bump stocks don't make you a better shooter, if anything it decreases your shooting ability and most people could not even get it to work properly. Banning bump stocks is absurd, simply because you can bump fire a rifle or hand gun with your belt loop or a wooden dowel.