How GX Blocks Is Reducing Crypto Mining Costs

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The cost of mining cryptocurrencies is shooting to the moon. Currently, the estimate is that over 60% of income generated from crypto mining is used to settle the energy costs and other miscellaneous expenses.

For example, about $5 billion is spent every year as the costs of energy used for crypto mining. That is not leaving out the fact that other services that must be paid for are also waiting for their fees to be settled.

In light of that, the supposed growth in the financial fortunes of cryptocurrencies isn’t as it is made to appear because the costs are higher.

The GX Blocks Platform

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Despite the current challenges in the crypto mining industry, the fact is that there is still the opportunity for growth. That opportunity is coming from GX Blocks, which is a platform that aims at reducing the costs of mining cryptocurrencies.

Basically, what this platform is set to achieve is to delegate Plan B, which is a mining model that empowers the miners. Here, you are sure that you will spend less, as well as have full control over the digital assets tools you are using for the mining.

Below are some of the attributes of the GX Blocks platform that will help the miners to make more profits from their mining activities:

-No Hidden Fees

One of the major why crypto miners don’t make more money as they should is because they are made to pay some hidden fees. The idea here is that these miners will be mandated to settle some fees that they may not have been aware of.
As a way of stopping that trend from booming further, GX Blocks came up with the plan of not hiding the fees. On a successful signup, you will have the details of all the fees you are made to pay to mine via the platform.

Besides, the removal of hidden fees empowers the GX Contract holders cum miners to receive up to 100% of their mining earnings. These earnings will not be charged because GX Blocks will send the same directly to the private (digital) wallets of the miners.

-Backed by Renewable Energy

The other reason why GX Blocks is the best platform for cryptocurrency mining is because of the use of renewable energy. The idea here is that the users can be sure that the mining activities wouldn’t contribute to more decline in the natural state of the environment.

As you may have known, renewable energy is the in-thing as far as the preservation of the environment is concerned. So, it makes sense that you start mining with GX Blocks where renewable and green energy is used for generating clean power.
In addition to that, the use of renewable energy has another thing in store for miners. Here, the consideration is on the reduced costs from what the traditional mining models charge. With a 35% increase from what is obtainable from the competitors’ average yearly returns; GX Blocks’ renewable energy makes a lot of sense.

-Platform-Based Mining

It doesn’t matter if you are new to crypto mining or you are a professional. What matters here is that you have a platform (GX Blocks) that is always ready to support you.
More enticing is the fact that the platform (GX Blocks) promises to carry out the crypto/digital asset mining operations on your behalf.
Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to invest in any special software or hardware nor keep your computers on for many hours. Everything is handled from start to finish by GX Blocks provided you have signed up and bought the GX Contracts to be used for mining.

The Core of GX Blocks

Just like every other crypto project out there, GX Blocks has a special spot for some areas. These areas are where the platform will focus the most when it comes to mining cryptocurrencies.
Here the 3 places or core where GX Blocks will focus on to ensure that the crypto mining activities it is pushing come off as expected

Smart Contracts Applications

Smart Contracts were popularized by the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. They help to process transactions amidst decentralization and scalability.
What GX Blocks is pushing for here is how to create more use cases for the delegation of Smart Contracts. It already has some in place via the use of Smart Contracts to process crypto mining.


The other use case of GX Blocks is in the area of ensuring that digital asset mining operations don’t trigger more environmental lapses. The idea here is that by using Cleantech that is the same as Industry 4.0, GX Blocks creates cleaner power for everyone.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Decentralizing how cryptocurrencies are mined is another potential use case of the broader GX Blocks products. Here, we are looking at the way that distributes cryptocurrency mining operations so that both the miners and the platform will be in full control of the mining activities.

-Borderless Payments

Ensuring that crypto mining is done as it should isn’t the only use case that GX Blocks has.
Instead, it is also making its inputs in the areas of facilitating cross-border payments with full speed and fewer costs.
That feat is attained by integrating the Interledger Protocol, which helps in guaranteeing low-cost, instant, and reliable payments. That is leaving out the fact that borderless payments can be actualized by all and sundry provided they leverage what the Interledger Protocol has to offer.

Digital Asset Management

Managing your fortunes in digital assets hasn’t been as easy as GX Blocks makes it to be. That is partly because of the support for multiple cryptocurrencies to be stored in one digital wallet and mainly because of the smart portfolio management feature that enables real-time access and statistics into the GXB Pool.

Final Words
Cryptocurrency/digital asset mining takes a new lease of life as the GX Blocks range of products are delegated to handle the different mining activities via blockchain technology.
Now is the best time to sharpen your digital asset mining skills, as well as invest heavily into crypto mining as GX Blocks is set to take the industry to the next level.

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