Ready for $GYRO? Or maybe for a Gyros?

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I have always enjoyed a good kebab, but I have also noticed that in some countries, you are more likely to find gyros and not kebabs. Sometimes you might find shwarma as well, or some other similar stuff. I haven't really been digging into the origin of the different names and what are the major differences, but no matter what, I like all of them.

But, one thing I hadn't tried until last week was GYRO. This is not connected to Gyros, but instead, it is a cryptocurrency that is a fork of OlympusDAO. It is running on Binance Smart Chain, and it really just a copy of OlympusDAO, with fewer functions, but with way cheaper transactions fees compared to those that you experience if you try to do transactions on the Ethereum blockchain with OlympusDAO.

But, why did I buy $GYRO tokens? Isn't Gyro a scam? Well, that is a valid question, but based on my question, the general principle on which the protocol is running isn't a scam. Of course, we have no clue about the actual creators of this fork, and they might be scammers, but they might also be people with a real dream and a vision with this project. It is impossible to know at this very moment.

In other words, there is a big risk taken if you decide to invest in the project, but that is kind of what sums up all of the cryptoworld. Of course, a scam coin is more likely to go to ZERO than a real project like Ethereum, but a project like GYRO is way more likely to go 10x in the coming months than Ethereum. That doesn't mean that I don't believe in Ethereum, I do... in fact, I have way more trust in Ethereum than in Gyro. But, if you look at the risk/reward stats here, I wold say that the risk is way higher with $GYRO, but so are the rewards. That is why I only bought a very little, and then time will show if that very little will turn into a lot, or not!

What do you think?

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