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Introduction :

During the time you spent over internet, you've already made probably more than 1 Million searches on a search engines like Google, Yahoo ...

Plenty of them returned the answers you were asking for ..., but how many gave you no response or incorrect ones ?

In the next few lines you'll learn how do search engines work and how you can master them to avoid null results.

How does a search engine work ?

We will use Google for explain purpose here. Google is a database of website references, more specificaly a database of urls wich are coupled with informations that describes these pages.

When you do a search, google searches for these informations(KEYWORDS) and gives a list of the corresponding urls.

The key of this tutorial is here ! We have to master the keywords in order to constrain the results.

Google dorks :

You probably dont know, but google have many specific keywords operator in order to do that.

Dont write the "{" and "}" in your search

1. Search for a specific url : inurl:{specification}

2. Search for a specific filetype : filetype:{extension}

3. Search for a specific website : site:{website}

4. Search for a specific title : intitle:{title}

5. Search for a specific content : intext:{content}

6. All these keyword operators are cumulative !

Going further :

You can find more keyword operators here :

This is my first post, so let me know how bad is my english and how i can improve my posts.
Thank you.



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