Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku - Edition #43 WINNERS!

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Banzai, haiku poets of Bananafish Tribe!

The 43rd edition of Mizu no Oto – Every Image Has Its Haiku has come to an end.

This time we made things a little more complicated, asking you to practice the five conformations of classic haiku. The time is approaching when we will also talk about modern haiku or gendai, perhaps closer to our feelings as human beings of the twenty-first century.

Your entries are very beautiful and insightful, also thanks to the gorgeous photo by @f3nix, to which I will certainly ask for visual material for the next edition too.


Here come the winners of this edition!

Best Haiku award (1 SBI):


Sunny day-
the light flutters
on the leaves

According with the classification of compositional techniques, this is a perfect toriawase haiku with a torihayashi that extends along the second and third lines. In fact, it is clear that the images are two and are in harmony with each other, not in contrast. The image of the light fluttering on the leaves completes with a delicate and warm detail the statement on the first ku (“verse”). There’s a hint of fairy atmosphere in that use of the verb “flutter”, a thing that veils of yūgen the otherwise imposing and majestic photo. This way of search for the more delicate particular, avoiding the stronger and more evident subject, is also a show of shiori and karumi. Kudos to you, Zeleira!

Popular Choices (1 SBI each):


Green witness
It is projected to blue.
Rising Autumn.


Summer light
in the stately home
green splendor

Once again, the popular votes didn’t identify a winner, but there was a draw situation between two entries. I know the contest rule says there should be at least five votes in order to have this side award delivered, but the overall participants didn’t were so many, this time, so I think we’re happier if we split the 2 SBI left in the prize budget between those two veteran Mizu No Oto poets.
@mllg haiku is particular because she chose to focus on the natural elements of the photo, the “green wintess” tree (I think the cypress) that stands out against the clear sky. Here we see the refined haijin look that picks up the subtle mono no aware particular and not the big, human-made, protagonist, the villa.
@oacevedo haiku is somewhat similar to the winning Zeleira’s haiku, it focuses on the light reflected by the vegetation. The house is present, but it’s a “home”, so we can feel there’s a personal feeling that links the poet to this place, or the reader to a similar place, any place they call home in their heart.
Both haiku follow the toriawase technique, but Marìa Luisa made a stronger contrast between the first image, full of light, and the autumn (that brings the idea of decay) in the second image, so her haiku shows nibutsu shōgeki; Oswaldo, instead, wrote a second image that confirm the first, insisting on the concept of light and splendor, so he followed the torihayashi variant.

Our awesome winners achieve the right to decorate their footer with this exclusive and beautiful banner by @f3nix:


The banner is customizable with the name of the winner. Please, contact @f3nix on Discord or via comment if you like this option.

Domo arigato gozaimasu to all the eleven participants!
First of all, to @owasco, whose haiku was in my opinion the second best after the winning one. She always puts in her post all the creative process that heads to her final haiku, and that’s amazing. We always can learn a lot confronting each other and talking with passion about poetics.
Second, to @marcybetancourt, that always reads and enthusiastically comments and reviews the other entries. She never fails to post her well-argued vote.
Third, to @preparedwombat for his critical comments, through which we can increase mutual knowledge.
Then, to @salvao, another veteran that writes great haikus and poetry (check his blog!), and is an assiduous voter too.
Last, but not least, thanks to @manoldonchev, @gracielaacevedo, @raj808 (welcome back!), @felixgarciap: you’re always giving us good feelings.
Keep on filling Steemit with excellent haikus!

See you in all probability next week, with issue #44 in Spanish! It would be a Christmas Edition!

Your faithful haiku enthusiast




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Congratulations to @zeleiracordero for his well-deserved award with that beautiful haiku. To @mllg for his mention, magnificent poem. And to the other participants that in each edition give us the pleasure of reading excellent poetry. Let's get ready, friends, for edition #34 (in Spanish) with Christmas motif.
I am very grateful, @bananafish, for the assessment you have given my haiku and even more grateful that you keep this Mizu No Oto Contest that fills our spirit with light.
Cheers, brothers, poets.

Congratulations to the winners. It is hard to figure out what you doand when.

Unfortunately, I can't be more precise with the posts, due to my work and personal commitments...may I suggest to you to join Bananafish Discord channel? We publicize constantly when our contests are on line. The link is in the post footer ;)

@marcoriccardi Perhaps I might if my internet connection allows me. It does not in most cases. Thanks for the tip.

I could write you a comment with Mizu No Oto link when it's published...I hope to remember to do it

@marcoriccardi If you like please, if you forget no.worries. I might bump into someone's post. That is a great reminde
R too. Happy days and thanks. 💕

Woo hooooo!!! Yes!... Thank you very much! Congratulations to all the participants, especially the winners @mllg and @oacevedo. We're all getting better and better. What a good haiku master he is @marcoriccardi.

Great result! Congratulations to the winners @zeleiracordero, @mllg y @oacevedo. It is always a great pleasure to read and do haiku and receive the @bananafish guidelines. See you in an upcoming edition.

Greetings, friends of @bananfish, @marcoriccardi and @f3nix. Now that I read the results of contest #43, I realize that I forgot to indicate my participation in the blog of the call. The link was this: https://steemit.com/haikucontest/@josemalavem/myparticipationinmizunooto-everyimagehasitshaiku-edition43english-3fhv3rj74v
My congratulations to the winners, the appreciated @zeleiracordero, @mllg and @oacevedo, well-deserved recognitions for the quality of their exercises.
It will be until another time.

Ops! I'm sorry, my friend! I didn't notice your haiku. I will curate it anyway with @bananafish