Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku - Edition #45 WINNERS!

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Banzai, haiku poets of Bananafish Tribe!

The 45th edition of Mizu no Oto – Every Image Has Its Haiku has come to an end.

It was fun to see the many identities of the animal photographed by me (a coypu) in your poems: muskrat, otter, beaver... however each of them was fine, because we were not here to judge the skill in grasping the exact species, but the depth of the haiku message conveyed by your composition.

I must say that there were at least seven very good ones, and all the others sent me a strong feeling anyway, they were a pleasure to read.
I'm sorry once again for the few votes received, but it doesn't matter. However, you animated the discussion with comments.

Once again I am sucked into a vortex of very intense work, so I will not have time to run the edition in Spanish before the end of the month. Without a doubt, however, I will do it in early February. Sorry!


Here come the winners of this edition!

Best Haiku award (1 SBI):


The sky is
still in the water
Frog hasn't jumped

Fully grasping the suggestion of the article I wrote for the edition, José managed to compose a perfect honkadori on the very famous “old pond” haiku by Matsuo Bashō. Another participant, @owasco, also had the same idea, but in my opinion José managed to recall the classic haiku in a more immediate way. The reflected image of the sky can still be seen because the surface of the water is not fragmented by the waves caused by the dive of the Bashō frog, which here ... has not jumped!

Popular Choice (1 SBI):


Birthing place
Promise of renewal -
Nature's mirror

There were only two votes: one for Tristan and one for @marcybetancourt. But I would like to reward the latter for her tireless dedication to reading, commenting and voting, so I give the award for Popular Choice to @tristancarax with this beautiful haiku that demonstrates a profound mono no aware in empathizing with the circle of life. The body of water, with its reflection of the sky, trees and houses, frames the coypu nest, which Tristan suggests may be the place for the future birth of the puppies. Time is a circle, nature renew itself.

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Best Vote Comment (1 SBI):


For this edition # 45 I prefer the haiku of @tristancarax. He presents two images and a great Karumi; his simplicity and freedom from moral judgments is wonderful in the construction of his verses.

His technique of toriawase with torihayashi to the third ku (according to my apprentice appraisal of haiku) favors the third verse that separates a subtle script from the previous poetic image. It is perfect!

Birthing place
Promise of renewal -
Nature's mirror

Once again I would like to thank Marcy for being such a loyal, scrupulous and attentive reader and participant, always ready to review the haiku of her contest companions with great accuracy.

Domo arigato gozaimasu to all the seventeen participants! You are the backbone of this contest. Keep on writing haiku!

See you in all probability next week, with issue #46 in Spanish! Watch Bananafish Realms Discord channel for real-time information!

Your faithful haiku enthusiast




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Congrats to the winners: @josemalavem, @tristancarax, and @marcybetancourt! Cheers.

Congratulations @josemalavem, @tristancarax, @marcybetancourt.

@ bananafish

Congratulations to the winners: @josemalavem, @tristancarax, and @marcybetancourt! Well deserved!

@josemalavem, congrats. That is a tough one to beat. Hat off to you, mate.

@marcybetancourt, that was deep. I enjoyed reading your take on it.

What about "Finish the story?" Nothing?

@f3nix says in March

Ah... That's who's responsible for a delay... ))) Meanwhile I wrote a story on my own prompt https://steemit.com/hive-161155/@mgaft1/betweentime-short-story

If not many join and there are other things to do it is hard to organize contests week after week. It takes a lot of time to check and the prize needs to be paid.

Posted using Partiko Android

To me, contest prizes make no difference. My story would hardly be picked for a contest prize anyhow, but I usually am getting a Curie prize. At the same time, if I would write exactly the same story on my own, Curie won't look at it without it being a contest entry. It just won't look at my account period.

Secondly, I like this contest simply because it gives me the channel for further development. One might say, why not use your own beginning? It's because I would never put myself into a situation that other people would force me to get into. So it is fun and difficult at the same time to get out of there.

The contest could be organized every two weeks, or at least once a month.

@mgaft1 It depends if my entry will be picked. In most cases it is not simply because I am not a native speaker/writer.

People hardly read me just like me to drop by and comment and reward them.

Once a month could be done but the question is if people will notice it.

Steem is all about being seen. If you are not noticed they forget you. Contests are good for that (joining them I mean).

Whatvexactly is/does Curie?


Curi is the organization or a group that encourages writers. They usually upvote you will the power of 600+ accounts and you get 10-12 steems


@mgaft1 Thank you for enlighten me. That is a big upvote. Good to hear writers are appreciated after all. I read @carolkean her freewrite about what is said about freewriters...

Happy writing and thanks a lot for the link. 💕

Hello! You have asked me what is the Curie prize. Here a friend of mine just got it.


I read Jose's Haiku a thousand times and I asked where the frog came from? There is an otter or a beaver but I don't see the frog. Congratulations [email protected] for your poetic pencil. Today I understood your Haiku. Greetings to all participants and the tribe @bananafish