Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku - Edition #47 (English) WINNERS!

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Banzai, haiku poets of Bananafish Tribe!

The 47th edition of Mizu no Oto – Every Image Has Its Haiku has come to an end.

The number of participants was unexpectedly low, this time: only eight.

I hope this is an isolated case, but I invite you to present any criticism or advice to improve the contest in the comments or in the Discord channel "The Bananafish Realms" (the link is at the bottom of this post).

Some of you took advantage of my short article on haibuns to compose one. This filled me with joy and made me want to continue reading more in the future. Haibuns are a great way to know something about you!


Here come the winners of this edition!

Best Haiku award (1 SBI):


The surface of the water allows you to guess the impalpable wind and follow the leisurely game of birds. Two pigeons perch on an old log, waiting for the night.

Subtle wind,
Night is coming
over the pond.

I read a great compositional balance in both the prose and haiku parts of this haibun. I find it very similar to the haibuns of Japanese and Italian authors that I have read over the years, to the point that it seems to me to come out of one of those collections. This makes me say that Graciela has perfectly captured the haiku style and spirit in this edition.
(Small boring note: they are seagulls and not pigeons).

Popular Choice (1 SBI each):


Contemplated by river gulls, white swans enjoy the gentle current of the lagoon that supports them, looking like being kisses to the water.

swans swim
river gulls look
water kisses


The new couple sat near each other, not touching, not yet, on the pier. As they watched a family cavorting in the water, they were both thinking the same thing.

will swim here while we watch.

Again, we received two votes for two different competitors, and I decided to reward both of them, using the prize for the best comment, which will therefore not be awarded.

These two haibuns show different approaches, but both with extremely personal notes. Zeleira gives us a romantic image of swans, transfigured into kisses on the surface of water; Owasco identifies herself with a personification of the seagulls, passing on their sympathetic thoughts to us.

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Domo arigato gozaimasu to all the seventeen participants! You are the backbone of this contest. Keep on writing haiku!

See you in all probability next week, with issue #48 in Spanish! Watch Bananafish Realms Discord channel for real-time information!

Your faithful haiku enthusiast




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Excellent decision! I think that @gracielaacevedo and @zeleiracordero did some brilliant exercises. Congratulations to both and also to @owasco.
Great greeting @bananafish

Thanks, guys! I'm honored that you liked my exercise. I congratulate @gracielaacevedo and @owasco, just beautiful their haikus. I also congratulate everyone who participated and @marcoriccadi for their teachings and enthusiasm.
See you again!

Thank you so much! Congrats to everyone, and thanks to all who participated.

Thank you for the shout out for my new hive community @bananafish

It's much appreciated, and I must remember to take part in the next Mizo no oto and not be a stranger to the realms.

I've been so busy with building The Ink Well that I've forgotten various wonderful things to do on steem like this amazing competition 🙂

Much love and appreciation from your friend @raj808

I am grateful for the mention of my exercise and for the existence of this patient contest, where we can try again and again to make haiku with each new explanation and with each new image that @marcorciccardiii presents.
Congratulations to @zeleiracordeo and @owasco; a hug to both.
It is a pleasure to read them all. Until the next edition of the contest

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