Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku Contest - WEEK #10 - Double Digit Special!

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Hello, dear readers. As you already know, I'm a haiku lover. To have found this contest is just marvellous and now it has come to double digits. Hopefully, it will grow to triple and more. Of course, I couldn't miss a chance to participate. Here is my entry:

Credits to Edoardo Colavitti for the prompt image

Even the greenest
leaves, today—as all—wither
to Autumn' slow steps.

Versión en español:

Hasta las hojas más
verdes—como todas—se marchitan
al paso lento del Otoño.

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Thanks to @f3nix for the banner

Good luck to all participants. If you wanna try your skills as a haiku writer, give this a shot clicking here


Lovely. Especially the third verse in Spanish.

Thank you very much.

Nice haiku, @bertrayo. I admire your talent for poetry, specially haiku. Good luck!

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