Bearshares Leader Can't Face The Truth So He Calls It Propaganda

in #halo3 years ago

In the post link below you will see how @drboss explains about @bilalhaider @bilal-haider attitude problems

You can see him here trying to justify how he speaks to people, it's funny how he calls people telling the truth about him propaganda.

Again telling a potential investor to get the fuck out and take it in the ass


@halo I get it, now please stop it.
I am ready to change my attitude. I am also ready to quit my dictatorship.
I need you and Thank you for fixing me.

bleedy pakistani i think you the birth of halala ask you mum hahahahahahaha

i need you halo for what cheat for one more time

I aint 21 still am a savage
You a shit time to flush look at yu vanished
Oh damn it your damaged
Check yourself you so difficult to manage
This shits too hard gotma boyz with some tight bars
Your like stupid dogz so dont bark betta shut your mouth and keep calm.

two faced as usual. This should make you feel better.

You will always be lonely and a loser
You will always be a closet jihadist with zero chance of heaven
You will always be corrupt

Bearshares was just a quick way for you to scam more people. The best part about it, is you are too stupid and arrogant to realize the scam will collapse soon.

You will just go on to the next scam. Enjoy your limited lonely life.

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