Hand Model Competition. 50 STEEM!

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Some say I'm the best hand model but @mckenziegary had a great idea. Let's have a competition.

Post your best hand model photo and use the tag #handmodel, or per @tarazkp's genius suggestion, #handjob

Winner gets 50 steem. (If you'd like to add to the pot let me know)

Let's make steem great again.



I vote for Julia cuz she's a fox.

You must be high again :P

Own hands only I assume? :D Fun!

I mean you can post more to bribe the judges hahaha, but yes hands fer sher :)

Ahahaha, sneaky, the emphasis was on Own, not on hands :P

But good to know :')

Since there is 50 STEEM pay for this, the tag really should be #handjob.

Hey, I know the contest is over, but I wanted to be around. Thank you for these initiatives. Sometimes with so many things we miss. Congratulations to the winner, very good publication.

Do they have to be MY hands?

Also, I feel like you photoshopped your hand. It's VERY sexy... but looks too good... like it's not real...

i was just born this way.

haha yes has to be your hands.

I can't wait to see some of these posts. Hoping you get quite a bit of participation and hoping I get a chance later this week.

I'm assuming competition ends at post payout?

Yes i'll announce winners after the post pays out. Hope to see your hands haha.

What a spectacular hand you have there...

Trust that clown @tarazkp to come up with #handjob (So immature.)

Haha thank you.

You're welcome.

So, this really is a thing? The hand thing? I wasn't aware...I blame @tarazkp for not alerting me to it. I'll tell you what, that guy...Just no clue at all!

yes its a thing, already one entry :)

I might have to give it a go.

No need to be envious of my absolutely amazing hands @juliakponsford

Did someone say hand bra model competition?


I hope you like my fingies

You've been chosen to be featured in @creativecoin's 🔥DAILY BURN🔥 post!

I'm sharing your contest with the world!!!
Don't be sad when someone beats you.
You'll find that thing that makes you special.

Oh, dang. Looks like the gif up there actually SAYS you're special...
I'll get back to you on that...

Well... this competition is to find who's in 2nd place lmaooooo.

Good one!


I will... Give you a hand...

Here's my handj... I mean, submission...


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hmm... didn't say how many entry is one allow. gotta guess

I would like to add 5 steem to the pot :)

Ay, I’m sorry I missed it!

Here’s a peek at what you missed...Please, forgive the slender elegance of these pianist fingers:



Merry Christmas :)


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Ha ha ha... Great contest, super fun.

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Mi participación

Mi mano sostiene una de mis flores favoritas la dama de la noche.

I can add 10 to the pot.

I vote for @borjan -- he has the best hands on steemit!
he can cook, he can draw, he is pro at caressing 127 kitties.
give your votes to him, now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very creative and original contest, I love the initiative. Here's my Entry


Hugs back.

This is my entry into the crazy HandModel challenge:

Hey @soundwavesphoton, I just transferred you a small amount of steem for the #handmodel contest prize pool.

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