Cheapest Way to Feel Rich?

I was feeling poor nine months ago. I wasn't sure if I could pay my bills. What that motivated me to do was ask, "What do I really want out of money? What is the main thing I'm afraid of?"

I looked at it, "Well, okay, if I don't have any money, I won't be able to pay my bills."

What's wrong with not paying my bills?

"Well, if I don't pay my bills, I won't be able to feed my family."

There was my bottom line fear.

The problem is as long as you focus on the wealth accumulation, often the bottom line fear doesn't go anywhere. You still can feel poor even if you have lots of money, if the bottom line fear is not addressed.

The cheapest way to feel wealthy is to start by asking, "What do you really want out of feeling wealthy?"

This takes a little bit of courage to dig deep, go down to the bottom and see, "What is the end goal, what is the main fear you have out of being poor?"

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What is the cheapest way to feel wealthy?

I'll show you the cheapest way to feel wealthy right now.

Look, here's the cheapest way to feel wealthy. This is the top of my kitchen. These are Quaker Oats and peanut butter, and this is enough food to feed my family for at least a month, if not several months.

Then, I've got beans.

I'll show you inside my closet here.

You might think, "What does having some peanut butter and some oats do for feeling wealthy?”

I've got all these cans of beans in here.

I choose beans because they're very healthy. They've got lots of vitamins in them, they've got lots of protein and I eat vegan. Beans are a very good thing for me to eat every day.

I've got spinach, vegetables and beans. I also have got whole grains and peanut butter.

That's enough to feed my family, my wife, me and my daughter.

That's enough to feed my family for at least a month, if not two or three months, just with what I've got in the kitchen and my closet.

You see that the peanut butter has a lot of calories in it.

There are 34 servings in this can of peanut butter of 190 calories. A human being only needs about 2,000 a day to have that plenty of calories. Therefore, I've got enough to feed my whole family for more than a day in just that one can.

So, each of these up here, that's at least a day and a half, especially when you combine it with the oats and the spinach. I've got enough to feed my family for at least a month, if not several months in the house.

Before this, when I was feeling broke, when I was feeling poor, when I was afraid of not having enough money, you see, I only needed to spend a couple hundred dollars to feel wealthy.

The trick is what you really want is to feel wealthy. You don't actually want to be wealthy because that's subjective.

There are some people who would say, "Look around your house, man. Look at this two-bedroom house you're renting."

I'm sure there are people who would say, "Look at this two-bedroom house you're in, man. You are broke. Clearly, you are broke. Look around in here. There's not one nice thing in here. Well, that's a nice TV."

You would have people look around my house and say this is clear proof I'm broke. There's nothing fancy or expensive in here outside of the equipment I use in my studio.

There are plenty of people in the world who would argue that clearly I'm broke, looking around my house. There are lots of other people, probably a lot more people in the world who'd say, "Wow, you have wealth beyond reason. Look at that. You've got a nice couch. You've got your own place to live. You have incredible wealth."

You see, wealth is subjective.

What one person thinks is just massive wealth, another person that's their idea of dead broke. I'm standing in the middle of someone's idea of having completely made it and I'm standing in the middle of someone's worst case scenario right now.

Yes, my life from some points of view is a worst case scenario.

The point is wealth is quite subjective.

My dog is just going crazy licking herself.

Would you take a break for the video?

You can go back to licking yourself for the rest of the day.

The point is what we want to do is feel wealthy.

We don't actually want to be wealthy.

We want to feel wealthy.

We want to feel like we have enough, like we are enough.

What I've learned is address those baseline fears.

One of those baseline fears is that, "I'm so poor, I can't feed my family."

While intellectually it might take me making thousands of dollars to feel a little bit more wealthy, my little peanut butter and oatmeal stash makes me feel way wealthy because this addresses my bottom line fears.

Each of these peanut butter thing was $6, and each of the oats was two for $6, that cost me an extra $200. The amount of wealthy I feel knowing that I've got enough food in my house to feed my family for several months is easily worth $10,000 or $20,000 in the bank.

I shared this with you because I'm going to bet, regardless of how broke you think you are, you've got enough money to go to the store and buy some more food and address those baseline fears.

Address those fears that are keeping you up working and worrying night and day, that are making you feel like you're not good enough.

It might seem too simple, too stupid and too easy.

It might be like, "Jerry, really? Spend $100 at the store to buy some extra food and I'm going to feel wealthy?"


I bought the peanut butter and oatmeal because I'm vegan. Those things, if the power goes out, it doesn't matter. If there's little flood, it doesn't matter. Those food are extremely durable.

In other words, I didn't fill my freezer full of meat or anything, not just a vegan thing. But you see, if I'm so poor that I can't pay my electric bill, then all of a sudden, I can't keep food in the freezer either. I bought food that even if I can't pay the electric bill or the water bill, I can still eat it and that food will still be good.

You might think, "Oh, that's such a stupid trick."

It works.

If you're feeling broke, go buy some extra food. Just try it.

If you're feeling broke, spend some of the money you do have, buy some extra food so that you've got enough food to feed your family in the house for at least a month, if not two or three months.

Then what I've found, once I feel wealthy, the world will tend to give me more money.

There's this weird thing that happens. When you're broke, it's like no one wants to give you anything. It's stupid, I've had almost no money at all at a lot of points in my life, I have been living paycheck to paycheck. I used to risk my life for $9 or $10 an hour. I had a $395 a month apartment in the ghetto and I felt broke.

No one wanted to give me money either. It was so difficult to get a better job, to have any good opportunities come along financially. When you feel broke, it's hard to get any more wealth because other people feel like you being broke is contagious.

On some deep level, we know that feelings are contagious. What tends to happen is if you feel broke you tend to hang out with a lot of other people who feel broke because if you hang out with people who feel wealthy it often is uncomfortable.

To hang out with someone who feels like they are good enough, like they have enough often feels uncomfortable, because it forces you to take a look at, "Well what can I do about being broke? What can I do about that?"

I felt quite like I was just about to run out of money at the beginning of the year. My business was using up my life, and my bills were using up more money than I was getting in every month.

I'm grateful that I took action on what I could.

I couldn't just go get someone to give me money, but what I could do is address those bottom line fears, address those things that are behind in my desire to get money.

Now, it's amazing all of the actual money that's been given to me since I bought some peanut butter, oatmeal and spinach at the store. As soon as I started feeling wealthy the world has literally just heaped actual money on me.

Now, that is not going to happen in every single case, but if you take care of those baseline fears, spend the money you have, not to feel broke and to address those bottom line needs, you'll feel wealthy like I felt as soon as I brought all that peanut butter and oatmeal in the house.

I felt wealthy like, "Man I can feed my family no matter what," that's wealthy to know that you can feed your family no matter what, and you don't need money in the bank to do that, just some extra food in the house will cover that.

It's ridiculous and it works.

I'm grateful I've had the biggest single increase in my business ever over the next two or three months since I went to the store and bought that food because as soon as I bought all that, I felt wealthy.

As soon as I felt wealthy, the world began to reinforce that.

I hope this is helpful for you today, especially if you're in that same spot, you're feeling broke, you're not sure what you're going to do. The key thing is to be able to make a choice with what you do have.

Then, when you feel wealthy, the world will reinforce your feeling.

If you feel broke, I'm sure you know how much the world will reinforce your feeling of feeling broke.

Today, I'm grateful to be here with you and have this tip to share with you.

I hope it's helpful. Thank you for reading this post. I love you.

You're awesome and I hope to see you again soon!

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We have not store of foods for at least 5 days. It seems you are millionaire in my viewpoint . So strange you wrote about how to feel wealthy? million kids do not find food for at least one time in a day and you stored for a month :D
Yes. You should feel wealthy with richest way because you never have faced hunger like 3rd world countries.

Whenever I hear snowflakes complaining in the USA about somebody saying a bad word, or something equally inane, I lose my cool because of things like this. There are even starving kids in my country and we are rapidly joining the ranks of the 3rd world for most of our population, yet we complain about somebody saying something mean, and my feelings hurt.

One of my friends from Pakistan, as we were working one day, we noticed a bottle of hair conditioner selling for $25! He picked it up and laughed, and told me, in his country, $25 would feed him, house him and pay for 1 month in college.

"Fallacy of relative privation ("not as bad as") – dismissing an argument or complaint due to the existence of more important problems in the world, regardless of whether those problems bear relevance to the initial argument."

You guys do realize that Jerry would agree with the thrust of your argument, right?

Him attacking a psychological problem that happens to exist in a first world country (I would argue, mostly thanks to the corporations who have purchased the government, who can probably be held responsible for both some of your complaints about poverty in the third world and Jerry's topic in this post) is in no way a validation of what you are complaining about.

Do you guys go around shaming animal rescue charities because they are "wasting" money that could be used on humans?

No, I'm sorry, friend, that's exactly the point I was trying to make. I wasn't trying to shame anybody.

Jerry is showing us, in what I consider to be a humble manner, his acquisition of wealth. He isn't showing us a yacht, or a fancy new Porsche. He isn't flashing stacks of cash, or fancy jewelry. He is showing us that he has acquired food for his family's needs in case of a barren period.

What I was trying to get at is that in my country, I am surrounded by obese ingrates, 'Victims of Plentitude' if you will, who have their needs taken care of to the point that they make drama where none should exist. Screaming in the streets about some perceived injustice because somebody said a bad thing [which, mostly I agree, maybe the thing shouldn't be said, but whatever. its up to each person to be mature enough to control THEMSELVES], while just down the street from their "protests" a child is looking for a meal, or grandma can't pay her heating bill. It's disheartening, and it hurts me deeply that people have such twisted priorities.

Our respective locales sound alarmingly similar.

Your friend is true. And here family pays $25-30 for slum, a single room, a public toilet and a public kitchen and a public tube well. I have a charity school, and I can feed fruits 50 underprivileged kids just with less than $12, once in a week.

One of my school kids was working as a child laborer for 25-30 dollars in a month . But I brought him at @SchoolForSDG4 . $ 25 can only let him sleep in slums for a month. I had to help them financially Because we started our life journey from such level. I also know how critical situation kids are facing in USA now for recent natural disaster and in many other countries too. May God save all.

I believe , If we really want to see how one feel wealthy in cheapest way, then we should find them who are feeling happy with $25 a month. May be their words do not reach on steemit but medium. I wish all kids will get foods and schooling from around the world.

Yes may God save us all! Thank you for the amazing discussion on this post!

Thank you @jerrybanfield. I am thankful to you because I became serious on steemit after watching your tutorials on facebook. thanks for welcoming arguments <3

The rich are rich for the same reason the poor are poor which is the feeling of not being enough. The pain of separation is the same for all. The same pain of the poor yelling how the rich steal the world is what motivates the rich to yell back that the poor deserve their lot. Our only exit is to wake up to our humanity and connect with each other honestly without judgement or condemnation because in this connected mind the poor would understand the rich and the rich the poor as equals. The poor would help the rich appreciate life and the rich would give the poor any material goods needed. Therefore, the poor and the rich are victims of the same disease.

The old monk saying says: Ha happy is that person who has a lot. But happy is that person who has enough!

Yeah I feel you. Whenever I encounter those real-life wages in most of the countries I feel somehow ashamed that we're making fuss about not getting a re-fill in a caffee.

"that we cry about not getting a re-fill in the caffee."

Can you cite even one example of this in real life?

"Straw man fallacy – an argument based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position."

No, I live in a 3rd world country where re-fills don't exist.
It was more metaphorical of course.
And my 'cry about' I meant 'demand something better', so sorry if I'm struggling making myself clear enough here, English is not my native language.

So I'm glad if I'm wrong about this one and 1st world people are better than media paints them. )

"1st world people are better than media paints them."

I'm not going to say we are great, but I think we're a lot better than this, yeah.

Thank you for your comment.

Yes I never have faced hunger not one day in 33 years. What I have faced is sitting in the middle of all the wealth in the world and feeling suicidal because it somehow was still not enough. Is it worse to starve to death because a group of people in a few countries setup a system to hold all the wealth or to kill oneself in the middle of all that wealth? We all struggle with the disease and pain of separation. The rich and the poor alike have the same problem of not enough with different symptoms. In sharing life as it is where we are, we gain the experience we need to connect. When we assume our viewpoint is better or worse, we are in the middle of the problem and get motivation for a solution. Thus, to face hunger of the stomach or hunger of the soul is equally painful. In fact, I enjoy being hungry now and voluntarily fast. I think I might enjoy starving to death as a way to die which will then return my immortal soul to the collective.

Luckily I faced hunger many times in 25 years but the days only past.

Thus, to face hunger of the stomach or hunger of the soul is equally painful.

Yes, people who run for wealth sometimes forget to feed their soul. As 3 parts (mind, soul, body) makes a human, thus it is important to feed rest of the parts. I know many friends who voluntarily fast for diet control but don't know how much of them have intention to feel hunger of hungry people not diet control. I liked the point

We want to feel wealthy.

and to do this we should feed our soul. Our satisfaction is depends on expectations and we may not want more and more if we could realize what we have.

The video makes me feel wealthy !

You think you may enjoy starving to death as a way to die? This discussion has gone down a dark road ha

I'm sorry you had to see this tripe. Have an upvote.

@ats-david, I greatly respect your opinion on curation based on what I have seen of your history on this platform.

Would you be willing to expand on what makes this "tripe"? Is the complaint you responded to not merely a fallacy of relative privation, which could easily be slapped on any number of other posts, including things like charity posts aimed at animal rather than human rescue?

Do you feel this post is tripe because it is advice you have no use for? Or perhaps this is advice that only people that are "unappealingly weak, in a way that manifests as resource-paranoia, and can outwardly be perceived as entitlement or lack of worldliness/stoicism" would need? That is a vaguer description than I would like, and I'm not attempting to imply anything, but words are failing me at the moment in their specificity.

In other words, the target audience for this advice may be a bit neurotic/entitled, and this is perhaps a turn-off?

I certainly can understand completely skipping or even being turned off by this post. However, you taking your time to stop in and brand it as tripe is admittedly of more interest to me. For the record, it's also not for me, but I am not the target audience.

Having said that, I generally consider things that encourage people to take more responsibility for their and their families food security to be a good thing. Hardening households against any short-to-long-term disruptions in JIT grocery supply lines can only be a good thing. If more people did this, half the grocery stores and gas stations in Florida wouldn't have been cleaned out for Irma.

If this process has the side-effect of calming some people's neuroses, that can only be a good thing. 1 in 6 people in the US are on psychiatric meds. We may not be lacking in resources but we are lacking in both happiness and mental stability.

Bonus nonsense - if memory serves, eating tripe in Nethack returns "Yak - dog food!".

My 2(non)sense: Tripe is cow's stomach. Yum, yum menudo.

Also, as a bonus fact to your Psych-meds statistic: 1 in 8 Americans is dealing with alchoholism.

Yeah, it's a horror show out there.

Thank you @ats-david for understanding me.

Thank you for voting up these comments on the post to help me see them!

Yes I agree, I lived in 3rd word country and I know what are you talking about, people don't find even food for one day, and now I am living in Russia and it's hard for me to find a work because I am foreigner, but people that didn't live in poor countries they will never understand what we are talking about, they cry if they don't eat some cookies, but we don't have a choice, it's life, and life is unfair ... .

I feel sorry for you and You said words of thousands. I Hope you will find a better job. I am fan of jerry but I was laughing when he said cheapest. I think it is richest for my country. I Love jerry for his tutorials and he motivated me lot but I think this is a topic/title do not goes with millionaire.

It is love that takes out fear .... great points

Thank you very much Luis!

This was a GREAT post @jerrybanfield! The concept of "wealth" is indeed very subjective. To me... and beans aside... hehe ;) - I would say this: We are ALL enormously wealthy from the inside out! If people worried less about the bills and focused more on what they CAN achieve with what they DO have - their lives would be greatly different.

In fact, if people looked more at the CAN'S (no pun intended lol) than the CANNOT'S - they would be instantaneously wealthier!!!!

Not having enough to cover your bills and monthly or daily responsibilities is something that can be VERY daunting... VERY stressful! Trust me, I know... I am a business owner in South Africa... (need I say more!!! - just watch our news!) - I live in a constant state of stealing from peter to feed paul... and let me tell you... it is no joke on the stress levels...

but and it is a BIG but (isnt it always) - you HAVE to shift your focus from the "not having enough" to one of "so what can I do about this" - because despite peoples often lack of belief in this.... there is ALWAYS something you can do to turn something around - and ultimately "feel" and "be" wealthy / successful / free....

Really enjoyed this one!!! :)

Thank you @jaynie I really needed that after seeing some of the other discussion here!

Always and only a pleasure :)

First, I would like to say that if you feel broke not just people stay away from you, but also "friends" you thought they were with you. Jerry what you say it works and can assure that because I live in Greece and am totally out of any payroll for 7 years. That tip is somehow the basis of attraction to anything someone can ask in life.

Hey jerrybanfield,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!

And on the plus side, you have started becoming a prepper!! First item on the list is long lasting foods and you have that! Lol

following you sir
All of your post are amazing
Thanks for posting informative news

If you're feeling broke, spend some of the money you do have, buy some extra food so that you've got enough food to feed your family in the house for at least a month, if not two or three months

This is something that has importance. I will be glad trying it out. Thanks for giving your honest opinion about this.

aww thanks for this article. It actually made me feel so much better, I was having a little irrational fear going on in my mind! Going broke or fear of instability of financial security is one of biggest fears to overcome. :) Maybe I might just line my kitchen with peanut butter. hehe thanks for this.

You're welcome Karen! Thank you for letting me know this is how you felt after reading!

hehe no problem! You words make a difference. Keep writing awesome posts. :) Sometimes we all just need a picker upper.

I agree, wealth is definitely subjective. What is most important is our health and the basic needs such as food, water and shelter. We use and do so many things that are needless and our greed is what makes us feel poor. We must understand that when we die we cannot take our wealth to our grave. Thank you for all your great posts and tips. Your dog is awesome :)

Thank you generation! Happy to see your comment after the storm!

Nice seeing the dogs!

They will be reminiscing about dog walks with you for years! Dog years.

Make sure there aren't any possums around though!!

This is interesting. Almost brilliant. But fear is always around. And the stash might serve as a reminder. Glad it worked for you, will try.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 01.06.28.png

True inspiration

You still can feel poor even if you have lots of money, if the bottom line fear is not addressed.

Wow, that's actually kinda deep.....

Outstanding writeup. I have always been fascinated with how different perspectives of the same event can be perceived so drastically different. You have helped me to understand this concept better, thank you!

I'm big on storing PB it's probably the best survival food out there.

My biggest fear is getting old without ever getting well traveled.

Something I never could afford to do for the whole of my life.

Now crypto trading gave me a glimmer of hope last couple of months that I could do this one day...

But the two China news scared me a bit, what if the market will go bearish for months and years and I will die without being able to ever visit one single country...

I am totally witb you on this. Food security, as the Politikal call it, is very important. I have 5 mouths to feed and I can do that for months if I loose my car or job. It's simply a great, no-brainer, type of investment. Paying off a few bills a few month's in advance is always nice too as it modifies my spending habits amd frees me of the headaches.

Yes! This is what I was just thinking and bam there you are to reinforce my thoughts. Food for my family. This is why having a vegetable garden feels so great too! Ok and nappies and toilet paper are a must at the moment.

Dont worry Jerry ,,you've helped many and you have many supports from us
I'll vote for you anytime in anything

Awesome post! I completely agree that wealth is a frame of mind. The sign of wealth for me are my children being safe, happy, and loved. Doing that creates their base in life for their success. Thank you very much for the post!

We just have to look around us.. Value what we have. We have to focus on the answers to our NEEDs not wants. Contentment is important so one can be happy. Never be jealous and.envious..
Make other people happy, and you will be happy, too.
Pls check my posts too.

@jerrybanfield Awesome posts sir... I thoroughly concur along with you. Adore it..

Really unusual and insightful trick.
Never heard about anything similar!
Thank you!

Love ya!

@jerrybanfield you inspire me man:) Joined steemit recently and I aspire to grow and provide value like you some day.

The only thing that i know is god is there and he saw you every time you mad a good thing so let the thing happen and let him be worry about you.
Make your efforts with hard work one day you will reach to success surely.

It's Baked Beans and Yorkshire Pudding for breakfast for me :)
I have that often…

its very strange that u store food for few months.... i think u don,t visit poor countries and you don,t faced those people who are unable to eat one time a day and some people did not eat anything for a few days... common man grow up....think about it please never mind its my opinion and hope u did,not mind it and got my point....

You make some good points about the perception of wealth here Jerry, and how the law of attraction will come into play to reinforce those views. I am 100% in agreement with you on that.

Also, having a lot of material objects doesn't necessarily mean you feel wealthy. I sold/gave away nearly all of my posessions and moved to the other side of the world with just 50kg of necessities. I feel richer now than I ever did in the past even though I have no "things" to show for it.

It's funny, cos based on what I know about you, I wouldn't consider you to be poor at all. You are killing it on steemit and a lot of people are envious of your position. And yet, here we are. You just wrote a post about feeling broke and poor, which is the exact opposite of what I would have expected to see from you. It just goes to show you really can't be sure about how different people will look at the same situation.

Also, as a fellow vegan, stocking up on oats and peanut butter sounds like a delicious idea. Big thumbs up to this.

WoW what a long post to explain CoL (Cost of Living) and QoL (Quality of Life).

That's exactly what the Law of Attraction is about! Good for you and your family! :-) I am glad you talk about this topic. It is so imprtant for everyone to understand that it's not a fight but a feeling process. Feel wealthy, become wealthy, or wait! You are already wealthy feeling wealthy :-)

I knew :)).... you are this peanut butter man.

Thats a sweet and inspiring story @jerrybanfield :) I appreciate your raw and authentic expression of what feels true and alive for you. You inspired me to get honest about why I want to be wealthy :) cheers

Jerry thanks for your thoughts,today you feel poor and that you might not be able to feed your family so you stock up on food for the family......and it helps you and i to feel ok that we can feed our family. Does all this have anything to do with bitcoins value going down cos of Jamie Dimon (Papademetriou) head of JP Morgan comment that said Bitcoin is a fraud which bought the value of our bitcoins down????

I just want money cause i don't want to worry about anything.

Well written Jerry, i am happy that i've started reading your posts.
It is true that wealth is subjective, and more true is that being humble and content is what really determines whether you feel wealthy, or poor.

We have a saying in Arabic that goes"contentment is an eternal treasure", it is indeed!
While being content does not mean you should settle for not making any money, on the contrary, it basically just means be satisfied with what comes to you, and you would live a king!

Thanks again for sharing such a remarkable topic.

Believe it or not @jerrybanfield that is my workstation, If a had three tabs open at the same time on Chrome it would crash so I work and post using one or two tabs, I won't say or judge you because what you're showing is not being broke in my eyes yet I totally understand you. "Being Broke is a mental state, in my mind I'm having and living a bad situation but I know deep inside me that is temporary, that's where my ambition comes in, my inner self telling me not to give up, I will be succesful on Steemit, and get away from this bad times as long as my mind is focused and embracing my reality, right know I'm broke but tomorrow I won't. more than being broke I'd say that your level of ambition is bigger than normal people, you feel broke because you know deep inside you can get more, you are capable of getting more working at your full capacity, of course Family is the biggest of motivation but when everything is flowing you are able to work freely and exploit all of your skills, and that is the desired place most of us would want to be and which I'm fighting for, like I said we can be temporally broke but as long as our mind is not, we will never be broke at all! sorry for the long testament, Cheers!

my pc.jpg

If only you can help me with some Steem or SBD. #Just_thinking

best way to make a dog happy

My fear is not providing for my family as well. At the end of it all, it's about being grateful for what you have around you and not worrying about what you don't have.

You're right Jerry, managing your fears allows you to focus with clarity on what you want and carrying out a physical activity kind of makes it binding.

Amazing life story

wow, thats alot of peanut butter dude. I should have such an apocalyptic end times stash...

So the hat you wear on occasions is that of a philosopher delving into critical thinking. To bad they no longer teach critical thinking in school. It's all about how to punch a timeclock and be a good drone for the company. Your insight is particularly special. I am so glad I found your crypto videos on Youtube. I have learned a lot from you and taken much of your advice and applied to my own life.

You sir are special, not so sure about that vegan thing, but I will continue to be a loyal follower and student of the Jerry Banfield school of getting it done.

I like your personal, honest style.

Sage advice. Been there right on the razors edge, no money, and almost no food. A full belly and knowing that you will have a full belly into the foreseeable future, makes that future all the more brighter.

The thing is we forget to count our blessings, what we have and whats really important in life. Rather we are always seeing what we dont have.

What a very nice and interesting post worth to ponder on. This is best for upvoting, too. A lesson, yet a reflection to many...
In my opinion, most people say they ran out of wealth, or they are poor because they are looking for something they dont have, forgetting what they have at hand which serves the need. Too much focus on WANTS,not the NEEDS. At times, too, we tend to be hurry in getting something so hard to get at the moment...but could be realized in d future if we do something to get it.. In result, deep frustration, feeling deprived and POOR and even unfortunate..

My formula if i begin to feel like this, many at times, i look around me, i focus on what i have,...there, i can find my wealth in so many things.. there i can myself so lucky having these, which other dont have.... example me vs. The homeless people on the dangerous sidewalks and lots more..
Thanks for ur wisdom....worth sharing...

hello, how are you? 🤗

great point to take out fear

I wish nobody would have to worry about being able to feed their families. I think here on Steemit we have something that has a lot of potential to relief this, or at least, give more options.

Thanks for this energetic and super positive post :) I think I'm going to the supermarket to buy some more cans right now! hehe.

This was a very eye openign and inspirational post Jerry!
Thanks for the insight and advice!
I did get a kick of your dog the way it looks at you in the picture where you are looking at the camera lol like an overhead shot. dog has the face of.. "What chu looking at" lol
Cute dog :)

This is an important time in Human history, as we participate it this grand shift into an new paradigm of Transparency , Truth, Individual and Global Abundance, . One base on the understanding that we are all One, of the same Spirit, Love! Aloha!

This was super helpful like everything You post. You never fail us ❤

Personally I feel wealthy when I have time to invest in myself. My personal development.
Wether that be having the time and money to go to the gym and improve my body.

Or the time and/or money to invest in developing new skills like coding languages to develop my career.

Wether I have money for this things or not I can always make the time for them and find free versions of these, like open source learning or going for a run.

Thanks is for the post Jerry, it made me think about what makes me feel wealthy.

I've enjoyed reading this!

This is how the larger consciousness system works. You explained it very well I thought. Thoughts become things.

Truth and interesting things

Thank you Jerry for the heart check and fear dispersing content. You are a good man doing good for your family. You are already a success inside and the outside will follow your heart's prosperity.

Ce mec est incroyable!^^...bravo

One man's trash is another man's gold! I am currently in a similar situation that you described you were in 9 months ago. Hardships truly give a person perspective of the world around them. We are not broke based on how much money we have in our pockets rather how much we have in comparison to others.

Great post as always Jerry!!

Yep, all a person needs to feel wealthy is to be able to feed his family properly

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@jerrybanfield Excellent submit and very insightful. Have learnt a whole lot from it..

It's law of attraction. If your emotion is so strong like feeling wealthy then you will start receiving more.

I am living in the 3rd world country but never felt hunger for my father is a good provider. Even though we don't have enough money but he always put good foods in our table.

At first part of my reading I did not completely understand your point but as I continue reading, I was able to grasp your point. You are amazing for being a good provider to your family. Your like my dad, super cool dad who will do everything for his family. Blessyou.

Thanks for sharing your ideas. 😊😊😊 keep doing what you are doing. You are inspiring people more than you'll ever know. 😉

Thank you for your post.... the struggle is real and this helpen me alot. it made me realize i am putting myself down when i really shouldn't... feeling wealthy is absolutely subjective... thank you again!
it was opening my already open eyes...i just finally realize what i am staring at ... keep these wonderful posts coming!

My parents felt the same, not with peanut butter but with rice and lentils. 30kg bag of rice goes a long way.

Hey man. You look very stressed. Get some rest. J

Thanks for the share jerry

Great post and video Jerry! Could you tell me what software you use to do greenscreen over a screen capture? I really wanna do that.

I actually wrote about this before in a travel article I created.

I remember a long time ago when me and my friends were partying in Bangkok. Being from Singapore, our currency was a lot stronger.

Everytime the waiter came along to help us with our drinks, we'd tip them, by their standards, a lot. My friend even would put on a big show with it what with the secret handshake and all.

That's how we felt rich: By travelling to a poorer country and partying there. The atmosphere of a club also makes for a feeling of empowerment as a club is where people like to show off by looking good in any way possible.

My point may have come from a rather shallow and perhaps even pretentious place, but yeah, that was how we felt rich.

At least, none of us used that idea to abuse the staff or look down on others. We all had a blast meeting people inside!

Good post @jerrybanfield

Seriously, thank you. I'm gonna try it and let you know.
And whatever with the nonsense replies. I live in Belize, and there is serious poverty here, but the concept is the same. For a belizean, they could store up a months worth of food by buying fishing line, rice, beans, and flour. The months worth of food looks different in different places, but the concept is the same.
And for the love of God, just because people are hungry somewhere, that doesn't mean we shouldn't address any other issues on the planet. Geez.

You're a leader on Steemit. Like seeing these personal posts.

Back when I worked two jobs for two large companies. I did feel wealthy, even though I was still only pulling middle-class income. I had two great perks for working two great companies, and I always lived below my means. So I did feel like a wealthy person, even though I wasnt considered wealthy by society standards.

I work for only one company now; the bank. But I still live below my means. I dont 'feel' as wealthy as before, but now Im putting more of my income into investments instead.

So take that for what you will.

Anyways, what Im trying to say is. Dont live up to someone else's expectations. Live to your own expectations. I dont need fancy things like a swimming pool, or porsche, or anything like that. I dont want to drown myself into debt like 90% of other Americans. I see so many bank customers who make so much money, but are constantly in debt, because they keep spending for things that they cant afford.

One customer could be earning after-tax income of 6,000.00 a month, but his account is always overdrawn by thousands after the end of each money, because he keeps spending. To most people, thats good income, but im sure to him that's not even enough.

@jerrybanfield you are the wealthiest man wow loved the article and upvoted. I have the same story written by me about a boy who make money out of nothing do give read and f you like it do upvote thanks

I think people who have access to free lunch, dinner etc.... should take advantage of it. One of the things in the U.S that a lot of people don't realize is that while free lunch and free dinner is offered majority of the citizens do not take advantage of it.
This is also true of the food pantries.

Heh, we've been accumulating dry goods, too. Also a good thing to think about if you have the extra funds, and are looking for barter material if ever the day comes: Boxes of Airplane liquor bottles, bullets, Lots of coffee and I don't think they keep well, but cigarrettes! People who lived through the serbian war said those items were worth more than gold.

As for eating Vegan, you might want to look into it, but I have heard many sugars are NOT Vegan friendly because they are processed with animal products. (Looking at YOU, Jif.)

Anyways, thanks for the tips! If you have room, consider growing a garden as well. You could also do container growing indoor/outdoor.

@jerrybanfield you live off on oats and peanut butter for months? Doesn't the taste get boring? o.o

Great post as always Jerry. Upvoted and following u. Regards Nainaz

Thanks Jerry! I'm really enjoying your positive view of the world.

This was really helpful to me today. Thank you very much i witnessed voted you. I really liked your post, here is my introduce myself post

maximum what will happend is the point to think.anyways thanks for the courage

People confuse the word pleasure with happiness. Contentment is a blessing that makes people happy regardless of how much money they have. In my life, I've seen both types of people.

Your story is very inspirational and I hope your podcast can make a lot of people live a happy life.

Great post @jerrybanfield! STEEM ON!

Cheers for the vegans out there!!

Broke != Poor. Not having enough money is being broke. Poverty, on the other hand, is a self-perpetuating state of mind. The distinction between the two is very important - it's OK to be broke, but you really don't want to be poor.

Such a great article from you, Jerry! I await for such days ahead to feel wealthy, and with acquiring food and goods. Just had PB jelly sandwich earlier!

Wow, thanks for sharing your story, Jerry! And many thanks to those who resteemed this post!!

You're awesome Jerry. I love that you are here doing your posts. 🤗

dead on, wealth is more than just money and food, its really about mindset and actual feelings as well.

very interesting article

Being rich or poor is in our minds. When people who lived in a poor house / area suddenly become millionaire and live in a better home / area they are actually the SAME poor people, why? the feeling of anger against others with more (money, position, health, etc) wont go away, if you are not happy with yourself no matter where you are or how you are its something thats inside you, you have to take it out, no one else can.

We have a choice: be happy or unhappy, do you want to improve your life? get up and work to get what you want, don't complain or be angry it's an unnecessary extra weight. Be happy to feel the hug of your family, hear their voices, we all have bad times, good times too, so enjoy life and adopt a rich perspective of life and eventually you'll have peace of mind, the anger will go, your poor personality won't be in control anymore.

I totally agree with everything you have said! Wealth is subjective and is more about the feeling than the actual dollar amount. This is the Law of Attraction you've written about and I couldn't agree more

To feel truly happy keep a notebook and add at least one entry a day describing something you are grateful for